The national security record home court finally back to the Premier League’s top four non impact

The national security record home court finally back to the Premier League’s top four non impact Yong [report] tell some fantastic tales of revenge! 3-0 win over Yanbian Guoan home court Zimei Ma IL two sports Tencent September 21st Beijing Guoan in this season’s performance is obviously just passable, but this a lot of reasons, in their home court record appeared obviously a huge decline. And to the field in this game, Beijing Guoan finally made a fully and delightfully victory in the home court, their 3-0 victory to "special teams restraint" promoted Yanbian flight. And such a victory can be regarded as a reflection of the final Huiyong home court record. In fact, before this one battle, not many people dare to guess, the home court to 3-0 victory over the Yanbian flight. On the one hand, although the Yanbian flight is in the championship, but they play during the season is obvious to people, especially they will frequently tyrannical zhanla in Ma, like Jiangsu Suning, Shanghai Shenhua, Shandong Luneng, Beijing Guoan and upstart Hebei Huaxia happiness, have been in the League lost to the Yanbian flight. Yanbian Guoan home court victory on the other hand, Beijing Guoan this season in the home court record, it is not people compliment. Because before the game, Beijing Guoan in the League played a total of 11 home court, but only achieved a record of 4 wins 3 flat 4 negative, home court scoring efficiency is worst in the league, winning 36% for the home court, scoring only 1.36 points. In contrast, Beijing Guoan this season’s away record, is 4 wins and 6 draws and 3 losses, away scoring efficiency in the league in the column of the game, and the field average score was reached by 1.38 points. You know, in the previous two seasons, Beijing Guoan home record in the league is the first. In the 2014 season and 2015 season, Beijing Guoan have 12 wins and 2 draws and 1 losses in the home court record, winning percentage reached 80%, home court scoring is reached 2.5 points. In addition, in the 2013 season, Beijing Guoan at home record, for the 9 wins and 6 draws, unbeaten. So it can be seen, Beijing Guoan home record this season, with the previous three seasons home record, forming a sharp contrast. But in this game, Beijing Guoan completed a victory in the home court finally, and they beat is not what the "soft persimmon". It is worth mentioning that Beijing Guoan is currently 36 points to fifth in the table, behind the front Shanghai clubs for 6 minutes, and then, Beijing Guoan have three home court to play, they will be staged in the home court against Shandong Luneng, Guangzhou R & F and Henan Jianye, if Yulin can continue in the efficient play this time in the home court, the national security will have a great opportunity to impact the top four. (Wen Chu)相关的主题文章: