The Nanjing meeting came the voice Jiangsu’s first VR industry alliance was established liuxiaobo

The Nanjing meeting came the voice: Jiangsu’s first VR industry alliance was established (Sina Jiangsu) October 28th opening of the eighth session of China Nanjing Cultural Creative Industry Fair (referred to as: the intersection) upload the strongest voice — Jiangsu’s first official preparations for the establishment of VR industry alliance. And after the establishment of the alliance, the VR industry around the development of the VR industry to guide investment funds will be born. The intersection of the VR exhibition is the first set up in Nanjing. Municipal leaders and heads of various parts, but also to come to the exhibition after the opening ceremony VR inspection guidance. It is reported that the VR exhibition brings together more than and 20 VR companies from Jiangsu and Beijing and other regions to participate in the exhibition, including the industry’s top VR content production company. Rich content and advanced hardware equipment, but also quickly attracted many people to experience. Because of the high quality platform will rendezvous so many VR companies get together, how to strengthen the VR industry, to avoid the dilemma of individual combat, is a research topic. This paper will start from the intersection of chairman of thought of the pain points, and communicate in the city of Nanjing investment group, Nanjing Rui Yue Information Technology Co. Ltd and several large enterprises and VR characteristics of the business, the meeting decided in the homeopathic "Jiangsu VR Industry Alliance Preparatory Committee", and Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Commission of high-tech industry also as a government guidance, attended the meeting, and suggestions for development of new alliance. The alliance, although the name of Jiangsu, but its members as well as from Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo and other regions of the relevant enterprises, and these enterprises will become a member of the alliance’s external regional cooperation. It is reported that the purpose of the alliance, is to let VR companies hold together forward, with their complementary strengths of each other to promote the exchange of technology, the rapid implementation of ecological model of VR industry in the region, for 3 – 5 years, a well-known National Union area VR. Nanjing City Cultural Investment Group Deputy General Manager Wang Li in the statement that, as a state-owned investment enterprise culture, the city voted to help regional cultural enterprise vigorous development has a bounden duty. Although the city has not yet cast VR project, but this does not hinder us to intervene in the industry later, I also believe that the future prospects of this industry is considerable." (Guide editor: internship editor: Tian Peng Yuanyuan)相关的主题文章: