The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors new doors and put into operation at the end of tourists for the d-winsockfix

The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors put into use the new gate end tourists "for the door" era of new doors in architectural design and material selection, embodies the concept of environmental protection and technology performance of fusion gate is completed, visitors from the parking lot to the wicket, only about 5 minutes after nearly two years of construction time, the Museum of terra cotta warriors and the North Gate Plaza project a completed and started trial operation on September 20th, in October 1st officially put into use. The project also has a tourist service, ticketing, check-in, security check and office functions. After the completion of the new north gate, rational layout, complete functions, visit the smooth, can meet the various needs of tourists. Environmental Science and technology "low-key" door to door not only tourists to visit the Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors is the main entrance of the Museum of the Terracotta Army of Qin, but also show the tourists around the world "appearance". The newly built North Gate District building contains the tourist service center, ticket office, ticket and office area. The ticket center, on the west side of the office area, east of the ticket hall, scientific layout closely. Front of the square on the east side of the high-speed Huo Lian (Terracotta Army) exports. When tourists ride from the rapid road approaching, the first sight is the north gate square up to seal "Qin" word logo. Adhere to green development concept, focus on optimizing the environment surrounding the hole to visit. The door and the magnificent scenic spot, It is quite common for the North Gate Square and the Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors different in appearance, simple low-key, dark gray and light gray color to color, highly strict control in less than 9 meters, especially the door of the main building, with hipped roof form, and both sides of the building type flat top, looking ahead, the level of sense of space a: A is an open square, the middle is the terracotta Museum in the scenic vistas of green forest, is the Mount Li gate and a wild profusion of vegetation, like a vast expanse of stealth in the big picture, not noisy away from bin. Nevertheless, the large space design of a few pens are at ink in the details. Such as the Terracotta Army and the initiation position according to the design inspiration of depth a square, two towers stands in the gate, facing the fast roads Zhuanshu "Qin" logo, and designed according to the "black" Qin culture overall tone, not only echoes the Qin culture, but also highlights the modern fashion. In the architectural design and material selection, it reflects the integration of science and technology and environmental protection concept. "At the gate of the building is flat, the construction industry is the most popular green roof, which can effectively save energy, but also with the surrounding natural environment echoes. The ticket hall is arranged at the top of electric opening skylight, saving energy; indoor wall surface decoration using mineral wool acoustic board, effectively reducing the noise of the ticket hall." Xu Minru, director of Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor cultural scenic spot infrastructure management department. The most intimate, the gate and square design also takes into account the needs of tourists, the square and tandem hedge with "low-key" gate, just can let visitors without any obstacles will "hold the Mount Li" widefield frame mounted ahead. The end of the tourists "for the door" era "was opened after the tourists from the parking lot to get off, through the square to the ticket hall to the wicket, only about 5 minutes walk, after column相关的主题文章: