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The most important sun’s supermodel Adriana Lima healthy daily lead: you may remember the angel in the Victoria’s Secret bridge on the sexy attitude? Has two daughters, 35 year old Brazil supermodel Adriana Lima original single figure super hot, the next Marc Jacobs endorsement of her new perfume, the maintenance of normal skin also is experience, not working day love makeup to go out, Adriana Lima shared with us 8 of her skin and hair care habits, learn together. For it! (source: ELLE) 1 sunscreen the most important Adriana Lima admitted to get up every day, the first will rub sunscreen, and then will go out immediately, basically there will not be too many skin care products face. 2 organic skin care products Adriana Lima special love a Paris hairdresser Herve Herau developed skin care products, especially the facial cleanser, which have the essence and emulsion skin all day required. And she is using all skin care products are organic skin care products, but also because of the weather, diet, skin condition to do different skin care adjustments. 3 deal with acne Adriana Lima said he was occasionally a president of acne, so do not usually do anything, such as acne disappear. Her hometown Brazil has several commonly used anti acne method: bedtime squeeze a little white toothpaste on the acne, and then wash up in the morning, or put in the tea tree oil acne above can make acne elimination faster. 4 eyebrows eyebrow makeup Adriana Lima is naturally very good-looking, but she likes to draw some longer, so that the end of the eyebrow has a long feeling. 5 try to reduce the burden on the skin Adriana Lima day only basic mascara and lip balm, not on the skin coated with liquid foundation, reduce the burden on the skin. If you should go out in the evening, Adriana Lima will wipe red lipstick, makeup to add key. 6 Brazil girls love finishing hair curls, they will be fixed by small hairpin, and then sleep with, get up and down, let the hair wavy shape, all Brazil girls will go out this trick, Adriana Lima and friends dinner will also get a haircut. 7 homemade Adriana Lima love the white hair hair shampoo with mud volcano, a Monday times, only in the hair, so hair will look very bright and smooth. 8 Adriana Lima healthy diet, eat healthy, fruits and vegetables, protein is indispensable, effective detoxification, natural color looks better.相关的主题文章: