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The most beautiful bridesmaids! Jane Zhang asked Liu Yifei Wang Luodan to be a bridesmaid – Entertainment Sohu Tang Yan has arrived at the scene and Jane Zhang Feng Ke photo Jane Zhang welcome dinner scene [Click to view photos]       Sohu entertainment news today (November 8th), Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s wedding will be held in Italy, Feng Ke intimate hand Jane Zhang debut, two people spoke, and Tang Yan a group photo. It is reported that, in addition to Tang Yan, Zhou Bichang and other friends have to help out, and Jane Zhang Tan Weiwei, the debut for the draft singer Reno Wang, Pan Chen will be coming out of the wedding. Ning Caishen, Tang Yan,,, Chris, Li Dongxue, and Zhang Yadong will also attend the wedding as a heavy guest at the wedding ceremony, as well as Botti. Jane Zhang today’s wedding bridesmaids lineup is also quite luxurious. Jane Zhang’s group invited Liu Yifei, Wang Luodan, Tan Weiwei, Pan Chen, Zhang Yuanyi, Feng Ke’s best man delegation invited Li Dongxue, Chen Yifei, Steven (friends), Chen Qiushi (friends). It is reported that, in Jane Zhang Feng Ke’s wedding. Chen Shaoqi will serve as a witness, Deng Changfu served as the minister, Reno Wang served as the wedding ceremonies.   wedding invitation exposure! Purple Dream Castle wind [Click to view photos] the wedding invitations have earlier exposure, with notes of signs printed on the invitation purple, Jane Zhang and Feng Keer’s initials (Jane and Michael). The invitation is open, showing a group of three-dimensional castle. In many year-end results! Jane Zhang Feng Ke in November 8, the wedding in October 8th, net exposure Jane Zhang and Feng Ke will hold a wedding in Italy in Beijing in November 8th, there has been some people received an invitation, there are media reports to its staff confirmed that the news is true. After the news leaked, Feng Ke micro-blog issued a document: "when a love, now finally marry to you", and Jane Zhang announced the marriage. Then Matt culture media chairman Chen Lizhi forwarded Jane Zhang micro-blog, with the text: "the bride don’t get angry, we ignore the blind people. November 8th, the United States and the United states!" Revealed that the two wedding will be held in November 8th. After that, Jane Zhang also forwarded the love Lang’s micro-blog and the sweet response: "you are a song I can not sing".   Jane Zhang Feng Ke and Feng Ke Jane Zhang is sweet love, silent love for 12 years, in July 2015, Jane Zhang was in the Changsha sing on the initiative to publish the two love. In October, Feng Ke at the Chengdu concert in the proposed success of the. Jane Zhang said in an interview, the two will be held in 2016 wedding. It is reported that Feng Ke is the president of the city of Beijing, the era of cultural communication company, he had a marriage, divorce in 2005, his ex-wife with children have emigrated.   相关的主题文章: