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The Ministry of Education: junior high school graduation exam senior high school entrance examination will be made one Shanghai has already admitted sports into scoring subjects He Jiaying (picture) Yang Qingxia morning news reporter Li Xingyan "senior high school entrance examination score", this problem in the future may be less important. Ministry of Education held a press conference yesterday to disclose the details of the reform of the reform of the admissions system. The reform has five main tasks: including the implementation of junior high school proficiency test, improve the overall quality of students, the reform of enrollment methods, to further improve the independent enrollment policy and strengthen the examination and enrollment management. The core of the reform is to change the enrollment of high school, the only points from the multiple evaluation". Comprehensive reform of admission will be from 2017 after the first grade junior middle school students started, now the junior high school students, non pilot cities still perform the original exam admissions unchanged, but what city are determined by their own pilot. Reporters learned that Shanghai’s reform program is also in the exam, or under the framework of the Ministry of education program, the academic level and comprehensive quality assessment. Ask 1 junior high school level test which subjects admission score? According to the recently released "the Ministry of education to further promote the high school exam enrollment system reform guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"), the Ministry of education basic education two Secretary Zheng Fuzhi explained that the goal of reform is to establish examination results, industry level junior high school senior high school entrance examination combined with comprehensive quality evaluation the admission mode based on the key to change the current high school enrollment will be part of academic achievement as the sum of admission only basis practice, overcome only on the score. First, change the test subjects constitute the language, mathematics, foreign language as the basic disciplines, as a unified scoring subjects. Sports are included in the admission score subjects, test scores or other scientific requirements, guide students to strengthen physical exercise. At the same time, according to the principle of moderate burden, and simultaneously, determined by the other pilot areas into the "admission score of subjects, prevent group partial section. National curriculum programs set by the subjects are included in the scope of academic proficiency test, but do not seek to include all subjects into the enrollment scoring subjects. Under the premise of each course qualified, can also give students the right to choose, the development of students’ strengths. Therefore, the students’ academic proficiency test, will be able to choose in addition to language, mathematics, foreign languages, sports other than the "admission points". However, not only the arts, not only to choose science subjects, and simultaneously. There is no choice of subjects, not only to learn, to test, but also to achieve qualified". Two, change the content of the test to reduce the content of pure memory, mechanical training, focusing on the ability of students to analyze problems and solve problems, enhance students’ innovative spirit and ability. Three, change the performance scores, grade expression can be used in different forms, reiterated the conditional area to encourage "grade" presentation requirements, prevent students from the point of contention, excessive competition. Ministry of education official said, the implementation of the junior high school level test is not canceled in 8相关的主题文章: