The man claimed to have the girl implementation of sexual assault police investigation (Figure)-doat

The man claimed to have the girl implementation of sexual assault police investigation (Figure) original title: micro-blog men claimed to have sexual assault of young girls to investigate the Yangtze River Daily reporter Liu Zhiyu recently Wuhan police crime message, micro-blog users "humanoid lick machine" in a news caused a great disturbance. 14:52 on November 4th, Sina micro-blog account "Chinese police net cases channel" published a news: Men raping 16 young girls, "zero confession" still be sentenced to death. The screenshots provided, 19:15 on November 5th, micro-blog account "humanoid lick machine" commented: "I was raped a girl, not worth mentioning." Comments at the end, the user also provocative tone, said: Hey, you fast alarm." Such a comment completely triggering outrage. Users have a message, questioned its low values, many netizens said it would report. Afternoon, Changjiang Daily reporter browse "humanoid lick machine" micro-blog page, micro-blog found that many foreign vulgar topics involving young girls, etc.. Yesterday, the Yangtze Daily reporter through micro-blog private letter, try to get in touch with the friends, has not been back. 17 PM, reporters once again refresh micro-blog, found the account remaining a top micro-blog, micro-blog have been deleted. Top micro-blog show: "I own in micro-blog’s not inappropriate remarks to apologize! Recently, because of great harm to my own false comments to many users, after criticism and public security organs of the investigation and discipline of parents, I own this "tongues fast" contrary to the moral bottom line behavior expressed deep regret to you sincere apology, sorry everyone, and will learn a lesson, I hope you forgive me. The user is true? Changjiang Daily reporter learned from the Wuchang police, recently, the Bureau received a report the number of users, micro-blog called "humanoid lick machine" has been the implementation of a man claiming to be sexual assault of young girls. The police have summoned him last night and to carry out the investigation on the. According to the investigation, this person is unemployed in our city. Currently, the police are investigating the man, such as verification of the fact that there are illegal, the police will be held responsible for their legal responsibilities, and timely disclosure of the results of treatment. In addition, the reporter was informed that, even if the man is "tongues fast", may still be punished. "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" provisions of article twenty-fifth, false danger, epidemic, alarm or otherwise intentionally disrupt public order, at least 5 to 10 days detention, may impose a fine of 500 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, 5 days detention or a fine of 500 yuan. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: