The magic theme should be based on the film and television creation should be integrated

Magic theme need Houzhi cultural foundation of   the creation of film and television must incorporate values – the media – original title: Magic theme to Houzhi cultural foundation (New Vision Arts) – read feeds up in the Internet culture in the youth group, is the largest promoter of magic theme creation, the novel for acceptance and the aesthetic taste affects the enthusiasm and direction of magic theme creation – there are some misconceptions of capital inflows: create a scene of wonders, light creation story; simple inherited western culture system, cultural spirit and traditional culture rupture; artistic image dry pale expression and aesthetic experience, aesthetic, we look far – "Chinese" the art, we need to grasp the laws of art, to complete the story showed us about love. Thinking and goodness, morality and justice, value proposition, transfer the mainstream values, to lead the audience to nourish and aesthetic value of magic (including fantasy, fantasy movies) is an important unit of the popular TV drama on the map. Only in the "Westward Journey" theme for the female, there is the "Westward Journey" "sentiment insane Mahatma" journey to the west "the monkey king" "West" monsters "journey to the west of the" return "" journey to the west of the three hit version "and other films, although the quality varies, some works are controversial, but there is also no lack of for the best. Era is the creation of the soil along with the excavation of cultural resources and technology applications, the current domestic magic theme film and television drama ushered in the era of opportunities. The creation of material, on the one hand, provides rich resources of traditional culture for the awakening of movie magic theme creation, like "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" "Soushenji" "FengShenYanYi" "" myths Zhiguai Strange Tales from Liaozhai literary and art works, itself has a huge potential of magic adapted for film and television works, it is no wonder that more and more artists will look pointing to the rich Chinese myths and legends, novels and other cultural resources, and strive to draw inspiration from material. On the other hand, along with the network literature as the film adaptation value is "rich overnight, found" hundreds of millions of hits on the web of magic and fantasy literature, providing Everfount IP resources for domestic fantasy film. At the same time, the development of digital technology change rapidly, especially the 3D technology used by film and television drama, matte painting, CG rendering technology, motion control technology, enhances the magical wonders of the show for the audience, to create a more realistic visual experience. Growing up in the network culture in the youth group, is the largest promoter of magic theme creation, to seek new acceptance psychology and aesthetic taste affects the enthusiasm and direction of capital inflows. In the summer of this year, there are "gods legend" "Nine" sky city "-" "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" and a number of youth groups as the main audience of IP magic, fantasy movies and TV screens and screen together, can be described as a momentary limelight without the two. Magic theme film and television creation there is a misunderstanding of these magic works in the audience presents visual feast, but also cause people tucao. The creation of domestic magic theme film and television works are deeply influenced by the Western magic works, but they are borrowed by imitation learning相关的主题文章: