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The letter "invincible" TV hit Yang Xuexie’s return – Sohu Sohu   screen entertainment; entertainment news on November 4th, by Chen Baoguo, Yang Xue, Yu Mingjia and other excellent actress starred in the drama "invincible" letter officially landed in Tianjin TV and audience, is currently being hit. The play is modeled on the warlike Yunnan ninth brigade Fan Tianxi story, tells the story of the heroic deeds of Yunnan war for eight years, the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army and take this gift. Yang Xue plays a patriotic female officer in the play, both in appearance and courage are beyond the ordinary, the return to bring the new screen, and after a lapse of 7 years, followed by soldiers in uniform beauty "Lin E" after the really exciting. The letter "invincible" as "the end of song Wudi" TV series of six episodes, fusion of spy suspense, history of war, evil game, love parting and many other elements, played by Yang Xue Wang Yan in the students from Kunming to visit the barracks into thedustbin Yunnan brother, Brigadier Fan Tianxi life. As Fan Tianxi’s sister’s appearance, which show a different style, as in character as well as not daring. Brother. Offer a humble apology when she unchastened publicly rebuked Fan Tianxi, and the brother went to the Red Army, she was entrusted to Fan Tianxi, the story from the beginning of the battle of wits. The play by the beginning of the old Wang Yan’s statement, with the development of the story interspersed with the narrator, which plays a decisive role in promoting the whole drama forward self-evident. The traditional sense of the drama of the war are man play, this is no exception, but unlike other shredded devils, "the letter" is the integration of various female characters, there are underground workers disguised as a prostitute to do, with Yang Xue as the only upright girl, makes his play, there is a hint of tenderness. The name of Yang Xue, is no stranger to the majority of the audience, whether it is "energy-saving" and Yan Jiang Yuyan "was extremely cruel and merciless, or human right is the vicissitudes of life" in the calm careful sincere and touching Lin E, she is left to the audience the most profound impression. After a lapse of 7 years, Yang Xue once again put on uniforms, playing a female officer during the Anti Japanese War, people can not help but think back then can let people see the real growth of women’s Lin E. With the development of the plot, in the face of erratic Fan Tianxi, played by Yang Xue Wang Yan will be how to use double taking extraordinary strong personality and simple coping? When Fan Tianxi arranged by the teacher in charge to check the Communist Party undercover, she will be how to face four female bandits vexatious? Please lock the night Tianjin TV 2 sets LianBo "invincible".   相关的主题文章: