The latest forecast shows a global dust storm in the near future (video) bloxorz

The latest forecast shows that the recent Mars will usher in a global dust storm moved to Mars: success can mean failure of survival is the destruction of the latest research shows that the recent Mars will usher in a global dust storm, the formation of dust cloud or will stop the orbiter observed the surface of mars. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that Mars is expected in October 29th will usher in a large storm swept the world, Mars will be shrouded in a thick haze, the orbiter will be unable to observe the surface of mars. At present, a new method of laboratory researchers at NASA’s jet propulsion, based on Mars before the storm, the storm will be able to predict the future, so the global storm will stop the incident solar energy. At the same time, the storm will pose a major threat to the exploration of Mars, gradually reducing the use of solar energy detectors, the potential impact of electronic equipment and future astronauts health. Since 1924, there have been 9 global storms in Mars, the most recent occurrence in 2007, the U.S. space agency said that the actual number of Martian storms should be more. At present, based on past storm types, suggesting that Mars is about to usher in another global storm. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory planetary scientist James – Shirley (James Shirley) said: "in October 29th, Mars will usher in a global storm, to reach a new historical storm storm season, based on the data, we think that it is likely that a global storm will appear in the next few weeks." Regional dust storms on Mars is not uncommon in the southern hemisphere in the spring and summer, when Mars arrived at perihelion, regional dust storms will gradually expand the scope of. But sometimes regional dust storms also form dust clouds that wrap up the planet. In 2007, for example, in the Martian dust storm, the power supply of the "opportunity" and "spirit" Rover appeared. Jet Propulsion Laboratory Rover Project Manager John – (John Callas), said: Global dust storm in 2007, is the first significant threat since Mars rover landing on mars. We have to make special measurements to ensure that the rover will continue for several weeks with less sunlight." (long compile)相关的主题文章: