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The journey is the perfect ending in 2016! [Abstract] eleven only in the past week, in 2016, only the last two and a half months. When most people are finishing work started when the bustling about this year, the best travel time has quietly come. From the new year, we have a perfect ending to travel. This year, we went to see the beauty of Bali Island, Malaysia, Bangkok, Lulu and other places, but also went to the seaside to play. Today the PCLADY editor to recommend is Bayinbuluke travel Raiders, perhaps this is a very strange to you, if I say that the Swan Lake scenic spot, you should know. Bayinbuluk is located in the Tianshan Mountains in the middle of the mountain basin, surrounded by snow capped mountains, is one of the most important bases of animal husbandry in Xinjiang. "In" the Mongolian word for "rich spring", the grassland here covered with lush plants, rivers and lakes, and grassland around the mountains, rolling hills and vast meadow and the scenery is very beautiful. Bayinbuluke grassland has the famous Swan Lake and the eighteen bend landscape, beautiful scenery, is a photographer who loves photography resort. To these attractions Bayinbuluke, don’t miss it! The 1 wetland wetland in the northwest, Bayinbuluk Bayinbuluk, located in Hejing County, south of the Tianshan Mountains, by the size of Zhule Tucci two hills high mountain basin and mountain grassland. A total area of about 23 thousand square kilometers, from Korla City, 636 kilometers, elevation of 2000 – 2500 meters, is China’s second only to the grasslands of the Ordos grassland. Here Xuefeng mountains, beautiful scenery and attractive terrain ups and plants. Eighteen turn 2 turn eighteen 9 9, located in Hejing County, Brazil station in the Swan Lake hilltop overlooking the old Rick, slowly coming to you from the Kaidu river. This is the "Cijing should only be the sky, earth eighteen bends can have a few back at nine. It is like the spring water and snow brought together the fairy streamer through Swan Lake, more like God as the emerald Kingdom covered the Bayinbuluk holy hada. When the sunset, the fiery red sunset silhouetted against the Kaidu River and its tributaries meandering like a golden ribbon wrapped around the water grass meadow beautiful, very beautiful. Eighteen of the nine scenic bend Kok Su River is a tributary of the Tekes River, the eighteen bend is a tributary of the wonders of this. Because of the special terrain of the canyon, broad g Su River flowed with the formation of the river bed form, the twists and turns of the count of Hequ, not many, is nine, nine River back folded into eighteen corners. Clear water, bright as a mirror eighteen curved nine basin, mostly grassland and woodland, grassland vegetation on both sides of rich, lush, along the river, it flows into another section of riverbed. 9, winding turn elegant, eighteen curved curved turn beautiful. The world’s top fashion #FashionRocks# Asia Music Festival debut! The world’s top music superstar and a fashion big gathering, most can not miss the visual feast of fashion watch the exclusive Tencent, only for the most fashionable you down here: understand: no letinous edodes blue ear how thin I is eleven [Abstract] the past week really thin, 2016.相关的主题文章: