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The Japanese box office: "your name" 3 consecutive break 6 billion yen your name X ultra high speed task force! Shen Qin explained return of God of War: power eye Japan weekend box office rankings: September 10, 2015 -9 month 11 days a Japanese company publicly issued last week the open week the number of screens you name Dongbao 8.26 – X 9.10 – April is your task force Warner lies Dongbao 9.10 – ultra high speed! Shen Qin explained 9.10 new Godzilla Dongbao 7.29 return Shochiku pet big secrets east of Dongbao and 8.11 – God of War: power eye GAGA 9.9 wife industry Dongbao 8.27 green space Dongbao female cry 8.20 Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group 2 (source: Kadokawa 9.1 ranking Hing communications agency) "your name" Shirupozhu, for three consecutive weeks won the box office champion, did not stop. The film at the weekend to mobilize 852 thousand visitors, earning 1 billion 135 million yen, compared with the previous weekend by 2%. Seventeen days before the release of "your name", has mobilized 4 million 813 thousand and 577 people in the audience, the cumulative box office income of 6 billion 286 million 402 thousand yen. In this way, the speed of suction gold (box office grew 2 billion yen a week), is expected to be about a week or so after the cumulative box office can break the 10 billion yen mark, your name so that this autumn is not so cold. On the weekend and four on film, they are American action movies "X" task force, Yamazaki Yoshihito partner guanglai Cecil’s movie "April is your lies", "the sequel Shochiku 2014 period drama the dark horse of the super high speed! Reference to the ground back to the United States, the United States fantasy film "war of God: the eye of power", let us look at one by one. The best of the premiere performance "X" task force, ranking second, also known as the "Dutch ACT team", members are facing serious jail super criminals, including death, shark shooter king, Captain boomerang and Harry Quinn, who for the U.S. government to do some dangerous dirty live, in order to provide their own commutation. Each member is equipped with a bomb in his neck, if you do not perform the task will be killed, DC expansion of the universe is the third movie. Movie premiere two days to mobilize the audience of 246 thousand and 512 people, the box office revenue of 390 million 116 thousand and 900 yen. This performance is better than the "super people" premiere at 370 million yen, or "Deadpool" premiere at 380 million yen. Japan’s YAHOO movie channel gives a score of 3.31 points (out of a total of 5 points), word of mouth is uneven, look forward to the higher the gap will be greater. Third April is "you lie" from Kawa Naoji’s best-selling comic adaptation of the same name in 2014, has launched the TV animation, this is the movie. The story is perfect play called "humanoid metronome" genius pianist Ma Gongsheng (Yamazaki Yoshihito ornaments), the death of his mother no longer play the piano. In his first day of high school, met with the violinist Palace (Hirose Suito ornaments). To have sex with wild, such as.相关的主题文章: