The investigation of fraudulent bank card system through fraud pseudo game store jessica rabbit

The investigation of fraudulent bank card system: through fraud pseudo game mall Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Chen Baoliang Beijing reported the development of telecommunications fraud investigation ability "path information society requires the government to cope with social development must keep pace with the new problems, however, from the continuous fermentation in recent years, telecommunications fraud cases can be seen, the regulatory response and resolution has long absence. Whether it is the bank or telecom enterprises, from the current survey of newspaper reporters can be seen in various departments, lack of coordination, there is no unified management department can coordinate, it also lacks a mechanism. At the highest level of legislation, the current legal norms on the protection of personal information is very fragmented, and the validity of the standard is generally low. The main reason for the slow progress of the legislative process is the impact of the law involved too broad, involving too many interests of the game. If you do not develop a personal information protection act in time, you may have a negative impact on the long-term development of electronic business platform, Internet and big data industry. Through the implementation of the 400 telephone fraud review mainly for credit card, fraudsters can clearly offer the card number, ID card information, both to enhance the credit card fraud ". The fraud SMS fraud to password authentication, integral exchange and other fraudulent savings card name. Xu Yuyu incident is still urging regulators to strengthen the crackdown on telecommunications fraud. In September 12th, the central bank and the Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and commerce, China Banking Regulatory Commission, net letter office issued "on the joint remediation of illegal trading bank card information special action notice", to carry out joint remediation special action illegal trading bank card information. According to central bank data, as of the end of 2015, the national bank card in card volume reached 5 billion 442 million, the transaction amount of 669 trillion and 820 billion yuan; the bank card fraud rate is 1.99BP (per million the amount of fraud in Accounting), fraud loss rate is 0.13BP. In this calculation, the total amount of bank card fraud in 2015 totaled 139 billion 260 million yuan, bank card fraud loss rate of $8 billion 700 million. In contrast, the global bank card fraud rate of 7.76BP, Europe and the United States is as high as 14.19BP, China’s bank card security is higher than international standards. However, a number of security industry experts told reporters: Chinese consumers suffered losses may be much higher than abroad. In the United States, the legal supervision of the banking sector, the construction of the credit system is perfect, there is fraud caused by the loss of users, almost all banks pay loss." The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations, consumers found fraudulent, if fraudulent 2 days after the report of the bank, most consumers bear the loss of $50, the report after 2 working days, most consumers bear the loss of $500. In most cases, the bank decided to implement the full payment of fraudulent transactions. But in China, the possibility of fraudulent victims to obtain bank payment is lower. Domestic well-known third party complaint platform 21C相关的主题文章: