The Internet car encountered a bottleneck list of subsidies less revenue fell –it– driver

The Internet car encountered a bottleneck: list of subsidies less revenue fell –IT–   driver original title: Internet car meets the bottleneck: list of subsidies less driver income decreased with drops of yuho merger, net about the new car is about to fall, the Internet about the car market burn war no longer with vigour and vitality, but also began to experience a battle with the test — with excellent step, easy to drops, as the representative of the network is about car platform, will continue to carry forward the "sharing economy" spirit, or the final departure from the track of growth for the next "taxi company"? The car is a net income of taxi "girl, you have a taxi is expensive or cheap?" The passenger van had just on the car, the driver master Li drops to her up. In fact, Li Shifu did not really want to know the taxi passengers cheap or expensive, but recently he found that due to the change of system driver subsidy rules, their own car can earn money every 8 hours, now need to run even more than and 10 hours to earn. He wanted to know, that piece of "fat" in the past to attract everybody to the car market, now where to go? By running a single driver to get the reward from the amount of drops has been shrinking, before pulling 10 single job can award $100, and later became a prize of 40, has only recently awarded a prize of 30." Master Li said. "The car is better than driving a taxi to earn more? After all, there is not so much money." Recently, whenever someone and excellent step driver gold master talk about this thing, will arouse his stomach complaints. Three months ago, because I heard the car a lot of money, gold master specially bought a car, give up work as a full-time driver and step. The first month on the net fifteen thousand. "When a mobile phone open yuho is the city red." He said "swinging", refers to the excellent step will give the fare double reward for the demand for higher area, which area doubled, the area in the driver’s side will be displayed in red. And this two weeks to open the phone, but the master can hardly find such a doubling of gold. With this, it is a single line of their own income and revenue decline, the amount of water and a few months ago less than 1/3. Taxi drivers at least not out of their own car, we take the depreciation costs, maintenance costs, insurance on their own, not much better than others." Gold master count from the account to. Because the vehicle is its acquisition of his daily driving cost, plus not a small amount of depreciation. A few days ago, the amount of adjustment to the driver side billing display, 20% of the service fee is no longer on the driver’s page. But many drivers told reporters that the actual count down, each run down by revenue in the platform’s still 20%. After deducting depreciation, maintenance fees, service charges, insurance premium, in the eyes of Master Li, now drivers can net income fell, not much higher than a taxi. The car is facing a lot of part-time work on the road driving exit run single, let the car flow up, put the car seat to those who need to share — has been a part-time driver drops, excellent step such as Internet about car company "sharing economy" look up to as the standard of the important embodiment. )相关的主题文章: