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The interior minister met with representatives of the Chinese law "action" to improve the security – Beijing China overseas network on 13 September, according to the French "European Times" reported that the local time on September 12th, the French Interior Minister Caze Nave visited a number of public security of Paris province of 93 city had a discussion with the deterioration, the local mayor and police, and met with the Chinese on behalf of the police to improve security Bobigny, with the Chinese representative of the exchange. He said, in the face of the deteriorating security situation, must be the real thing". Huang Xuesheng, President of the European Union Group, the president of the Asian American Federation of France, the president of the French Association of Chinese youth, the Chinese youth representatives, such as the Chinese representatives of the Chinese, such as Huang Zhilin, attended the meeting on behalf of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Congress on behalf of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Congress on behalf of the Chinese people’s Republic of China. The French National Assembly speaker Baho Lorna, 93 governor of California, director of the 93 cities the mayor, the police took part in the discussion. The youth represents Wang Rui, Guo Xianyun said, the Chinese suffered violent attacks on one after another very angry. They have held two demonstrations, demanding the French government to take concrete measures to strengthen the security of the Chinese community. Increased police and surveillance cameras imminent. At the same time, but also to speed up the processing of cases, etc.. Sun Wenxiong said that the police work is very hard, but a lot of French judicial status concerns, many of the juvenile criminal justice must reform at a loss what to do, France; China France as a tourist destination, the security problem has seriously affected the image of France, if not timely treatment, tourists will continue to decline, will bring great loss to France economy. Batuoluona very agree with Sun Wenxiong, he said, from Chinese visitors this year, a reduction of 4, is the breakdown of law and order to blame. If not improved, but also a profound impact on the French economy. Caze Nave said that the issue of security has become an important work of the government. "Today, I made here: 93 cities the mayor will increase the police force and the installation of surveillance camera report, immediately reported to the Ministry of the interior, I will immediately approve." He said that by the end of 300 police will be distributed to the city sensitive neighborhoods. At the same time, in October, a group of students graduated from the police school, first assigned to obayer Herve Leigh E. Each of the city’s urban areas will also be subsidized for the installation of surveillance cameras and increased police. He said that the deterioration of law and order, the first to bear the brunt of the Chinese law, suffered a lot of damage, Zhang Zhaolin is one example, but this is not a problem of racial discrimination. Denis, according to the police report, in obayer Herve Leigh E, for the Chinese community to steal violence soared three times a year, only 35 over the same period last year, this year there have been 105. In recent years, the French Chinese community has often become the target of violent attacks, the attack is based on the incentives of such a bias: Chinese money, often with cash. The International Association against racism and anti Semitism, condemned the attack and points out that this is a racist behavior. The symposium lasted about 2 hours. After the meeting, Huang Xuesheng and other representatives of emotion, which is a rare meeting of the French government’s efficiency. A lot of things, such as increased police and surveillance cameras, it can be said that the French government is ready. Should)相关的主题文章: