The idea of Lee Hom’s stoppage in the paternity model of the face book

Lee Hom shut down into the idea of Lee Hom and his wife on map information with production mode to the Facebook founder, Lee Hom after the Toronto Film Festival "firepower concert" after the movie premiere, announced full suspension, accompany the production mode into a period of 2 months, to take care of pregnant with her second wife Wang Lianglei. "Two months of paternity leave is actually the idea of my good friend, Zuckerberg," he said in his face book. In fact, when Wang Lianglei gave birth to first embryos the year before, Lee Hom arranged to work in the early delivery stage, and this decisive break for 2 months was influenced by friend Facebook founder and chief executive Mark ·, Eliot · and Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg). Lee Hom recently frequent drying out photos of Zuckerberg with his family after her daughter was born last year, had 2 months of maternity leave, in addition to enjoy family life, but also with his wife Pulli Sheila Chen (· Priscilla Chan) share the care of the newborn infant more toil, announced that its employees can have up to 4 months of paid maternity benefits, not only the production of female employee entitlements, male employees can feel at ease with production, it also seems to give Lee Hom a lot of feelings. Mrs. Zuckerberg won the last daughter Lee Hom said: "just think, if such a busy man can do this, I have what reason to do? Indeed, many studies have proved that it is good for future family establishment. Interaction between children and their parents can also reduce the degree of postpartum depression. In addition to the upcoming birth of baby shoes, cherish wife mood also revealed. Lee Hom also revealed that the employees of the Hongsheng music company had 2 months’ paid maternity leave or paternity leave, and shouted, "let’s continue firing in November." Netizens praised: "Lee Hom is a good husband, good father, good son, and the boss", "care is really a good boss", "elder brother, there is a vacancy in your company"?

王力宏停工进入陪产模式 脸书创办人给的主意王力宏和妻子资料图日前,王力宏忙完多伦多影展的《火力全开演唱会》电影首映后,宣布全面停工,进入为期2个月的陪产模式,专心照顾怀第2胎的老婆王靓蕾。今他在脸书表示:“两个月的陪产假其实是我的好朋友扎克伯格以身作则的主意。”其实王靓蕾前年生第1胎时,王力宏就特地在预产期排开工作,而这次果断休息2个月,原来是受朋友──脸书创办人兼执行长马克·艾略特·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)影响。王力宏近日频繁晒出陪伴家人的照片扎克伯格去年在女儿出生后,休了2个月育婴假,除了专心享受家庭生活外,也与妻子普莉希拉·陈(Priscilla Chan)一同分担照护新生儿的辛劳,更宣布旗下员工可以有多达4个月的带薪产假福利,不仅女员工生产享福利,男员工也可以安心陪产,此举似乎也让王力宏获得许多感触。扎克伯格夫妇去年喜获爱女王力宏说:“想想看,如果一个这么忙的人可以这样做,我又有什么原因做不到?确实很多的研究证明对未来家庭的建立有好处,孩子和父母之间的互动,还能减轻母亲产后忧郁的程度等优点。”除了为了即将出世的宝贝着想,疼惜爱妻的心情也表露无遗。王力宏并透露,旗下“宏声音乐”员工们一样有2个月的带薪待产假或陪产假,喊话:“我们十一月再继续火力全开!”网友大赞:“王力宏是好丈夫,好爸爸,好儿子,和好老板”、“将心比心真的是好老板”、“二哥,你公司有空缺吗”?相关的主题文章: