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The growth style of institutions currently focus on ferreting out the value now boom industry segments Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million / reporter Liu Wei, editor of Pu Hongyi recently, the market value of growth style gradually, part of the good performance of growth stocks significantly outperform the market value. Part of the respondents investment sources, is focusing on the listed company’s three quarterly layout, focus on digging and boom fine molecular industry standard, mainly concentrated in the LED, optical communication, environmental protection and medical segments. "In the first half of the difference between high dividend to underestimate the value of blue chip market, the recent outperform the market value is obviously part of the growth ability of growth stocks, it is expected that the style will gradually appear, and dominant in the market at the end of." Shenzhen well-known private investment director said. Since 2016, although the market volatility is not large, but the structural opportunities are also more obvious. Summarize the characteristics of the first two quarters of the market, the main line is mainly under the inflation expectations of price increases, as well as the high growth of the new energy automotive industry. This is mainly reflected in the price of some consumer goods such as Moutai, part of the cycle of products such as steel and coal as well as some resources such as gold prices. These areas in the first two quarters of the market has shown a significant structural market characteristics. To the beginning of the three quarter, high dividend blue chips in the asset shortage in the context of the formation of a wave of configuration market. After entering in September, at the same time, the results of the semi annual report at the same time, the three quarterly report will be close to the case, since the first half of the price and the market since August, asset shortage configuration market, have come to an end. The reason is that the price increase is caused by the contraction of the supply side, the demand side has not significantly improved. While the new energy vehicles, although the boom is high, but by the problem of cheating and fill the problem, while the high dividend blue chip configuration of the influx of funds into the market has begun to fail. As a result, the investment style of the market has changed significantly, the early part of the economy is not part of the high attention of the industry has become the focus of attention. Some of these value growth stocks, due to its high performance growth, has become an important direction of the layout of the three quarterly. Brokerage information management investment manager said, focus on the LED boom lifting and improving the supply and demand of industry. At the same time, optical communications, environmental protection, and some segments of the pharmaceutical sector segments, with long-term concern value. In the case of LED, Ping An Securities analyst Liu Shunfeng believes that the recent domestic LED packaging prices, Chinese largest chip manufacturer Sanan optoelectronics decided on the part of small and medium size product prices go up 10%, while the XinDa and LED photoelectric Linsen manufacturers will RGB lamp prices go up 5%, this is the year following the March and May after the price adjustment third price adjustment. Experience in LED product price war, many domestic manufacturers have transition or reduce capacity, since this year the supply side shrinking and decline in growth in the size of the package, the overall supply and demand of LED industry will gradually improve, with the rising cost of raw materials and labor costs, the price adjustment for LED manufacturers to improve profitability. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: