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Be down fracture dance friends claim 100 thousand – Beijing Channel – original title: down fracture dance friends claim 100 thousand Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) 60 year old Ms. Jiang and square dance dance friends Ms. Gao play push, the other was put down on the floor, leading to vertebral fractures. To this end, she sued Ms. Gao to the court, claiming more than 10 million yuan for medical and mental damages. Recently, the Tongzhou court has accepted the case. According to Ms. Jiang said, the morning of May 2nd this year, the city of Tongzhou District to her eight Park ready to jump dancing, but the weather is not good, no one room, Ms. Gao before dancing know people to play together push forward two. In the process of pushing the palm of the palm, Ms. Jiang feels that the other person is too strong, so she reminds her that her strength is too strong, the voice has just fallen, and he is pushed down in the ground. Ms. Jiang asked the defendant to call an ambulance, but the other side only hit a car and sent her home. Ms. Jiang was diagnosed as a compression fracture of the lumbar four vertebral body and was hospitalized for three days, and it was still in the recovery period. Because of the physical reason, she is not competent to bring the children to the children, the family has to ask for the nanny. And as a result of the care of his tired, he had herpes. Ms. Jiang filed a lawsuit because the defendant insisted on a lawsuit to settle medical expenses. At present, the case is under further trial. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing) 被舞友推倒致骨折 索赔10万–北京频道–人民网 原标题:被舞友推倒致骨折 索赔10万   北京晨报讯(记者 颜斐)60岁的姜女士和跳广场舞的舞友高女士一起玩推掌时,被对方一把推倒在地,导致腰椎骨折。为此,她将高女士起诉到法院,索赔医药费和精神损害赔偿金等共计10万余元。近日,通州法院已受理了此案。   据姜女士说,今年5月2日上午,她到本市通州区韩美林公园准备跳交谊舞,但当天天气不好,舞场没有人,之前跳舞认识的高女士提出两人一起玩推掌。在推掌过程中,姜女士觉得对方用力过猛,就提醒她力气太大,话音刚落,自己就被推倒在地。姜女士要求被告叫救护车,但对方只打了一辆车把她送回家。   姜女士后经诊断为腰四椎体压缩性骨折并住院三天,目前还处于康复期。由于身体原因,她也不能胜任给子女带孩子,家里只好请保姆。而老伴因照顾自己劳累,身上起了疱疹。由于被告执意要求通过诉讼解决医疗费,姜女士故提起诉讼。目前,此案正在进一步审理之中。 (责编:陈一诺、高星)相关的主题文章: