The former chairman of NVC, accused of misappropriation of funds over 900 million Wu Changjiang not melia kreiling

The former chairman of NVC, accused of misappropriation of funds over 900 million Wu Changjiang: the defendant is not guilty of good money but money misappropriated or otherwise hidden on each reporter Wu Zepeng yesterday morning, when wearing a gray T-shirt, black shorts and blue shoes Wu Changjiang was brought into court, face calm, straight ahead. Behind him, the defendant Chen Yan, the man wearing a red striped shirt, was Wu Changjiang’s assistant. In the past years, he may have countless times like today with Wu Changjiang. Two people sit down, the trial began. On the alleged charges, Wu Changjiang directly answer pleaded not guilty, Chen Yan repeated many times, I admit that I was wrong, but the contents of the indictment is wrong." Is the company management loopholes at 9 in the morning to the first floor of the hall, the Huizhou City Intermediate People’s court has gathered a lot of people, these people, reporters, lawyers, and lighting company employees, not the identity between them, very few exchanges, but tacitly — most people here today for a person to: NVC chairman Wu Changjiang, the former star of the lighting industry, now is still the focus of attention. Wu Changjiang’s defense lawyer sitting alone on the chair to sort out the information, he told the daily economic news reporter, he had to prepare for the next work, inconvenient interview. Time close to 9:30, all the people into the second trial court, waiting for the public hearing on Wu Changjiang. 9:30, NVC chairman Wu Changjiang once again appeared in public view, this is he for the first time in more than a year later, the difference is, this time, his identity is the defendant. The indictment alleged that Wu Changjiang misappropriation of funds of more than 900 million yuan, embezzlement of $13 million 700 thousand. According to the indictment, Wu Changjiang is the actual control of Chongqing Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., Chongqing Lei Lijie Industrial Development Co. Ltd., Chongqing Huabian Lamp Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Chongqing en Weixi Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Jiang surface treatment Co. Ltd. is the 5 affiliated company, and the company China NVC margin for the company to provide 5 appeal the bank loan guarantee, this company has Chinese NVC pledge deposit amount 923 million 880 thousand yuan, the loan term by Wu Changjiang for disposable use, promise Chongqing real estate development company limited the "building construction project" ". According to the indictment, the defendant Wu Changjiang respectively in 2014, two during the occupation of the amount reached 13 million 700 thousand yuan in 2011. "You are guilty of misappropriation of public funds, the crime of embezzlement, do you plead guilty?" The presiding judge asked. "I don’t confess." Wu Changjiang’s answer was decisive and clear. It said that this is a loophole in the management of the company. The defense lawyer reminded "don’t worry" the prosecution interrogation stage, seems to be anything to say, Wu Changjiang seemed a little anxious, his answer has repeatedly been interrupted by the prosecution, and suggested: "you need to answer the public prosecutor interrogation, please just answer the question." In the prosecution of Wu Changjiang interrogation, the aforementioned 5 actual control of the company is the time of the Wu Changjiang, after a moment of hesitation, asked: "what is the actual control of the ‘standard?" """ This problem, also interrupted by public prosecutors, "today.相关的主题文章: