The finals – Murray decider grab seven 2-1 win over Rao Niki in the final – the first sports Sohu-melia kreiling

The finals – Murray decider grab seven 2-1 win over Rao Niki in the final – the first sports Sohu Beijing time on November 19th, the 2016 season ATP tennis finals continue, took the lead in the first semi-final, the world’s first Murray suffered 3 hours and 38 minutes of fierce battle, a Xiandiu situation decider grab seven win 5-7 7-5 7-6 reversed, final score 2-1 defeat Rao Niki, occupation career for the first time in the finals of the championship final. Murray this season ushered in the occupation career breakthrough, won the Australian Open and French Open two runner up after the Olympic Games after winning the reigning wimbledon. After entering the second half Murray to attack the world first, sweep net, Shanghai masters, Vienna match and Paris match in the four championship, integral small German first career beyond the summit top. At the end of the finals, Murray winning three games, the first name of the last group phase, in the semi-final against Rao Niki Murray, who had two career against 11, Murray 8 wins and 3 losses dominate this season, Murray won three straight Wimbledon final. The first game, first serve Murray lovegame completed Baofa, Rao Niki in the second level 30-30 after continuous ace 1-1. Their own security level 2-2 after the fifth game, the two sides drew 40-40, Rao Niki then serve backhand attack to get a break point, Murray break point Paul made difficult to resolve, Laaoniqidi six Bureau and lovegame security 3-3. Their own security level 4-4 after a break point, Rao Niki missed ninth consecutive innings, Murray once again breathtaking Baofa, Laaoniqibao tenth 5-5. Key of the eleventh inning, Laaoni Qizheng backslash score 40-15 again took to get a break point, this time Murray failed to achieve security, double fault from the Bureau, behind 5-6. Next is Rao Niki ball wins disk Bureau, Rao Niki 40-0 after continuous missed two inventory, then Rao Niki ace Baofa, 7-5 won the first score 1-0 lead. The second game, Murray first serve once again hit the 40-40 flat, completed after Paul made to serve in the second game of Rao Niki Rao Niki after the attack, 40-40 flat backhand net sent a break point, Rao Niki followed with a powerful serve Baofa 1-1. In third Murray once again hit the break point, saved a break point after Murray was captured by the break down 1-2 network. The score behind Murray quickly adjust the state, the fourth after 40-0 got three consecutive break points, Rao Niki volley error, Murray broke back to 2-2. Murray Paul made the fifth inning, missed break points in the sixth, then two people to complete their security bureau, came to 6-6. In seven rob Murray completed the first mini break 4-1 lead, then Rao Niki was back broken up into 5-5 flat. When Murray broke again, then grab seven ace 7-5 win victory, to win the two set score 1-1. The third set, Laaoniqibao issued the first game after the second game of Rao Niki 40-30 extract a break point, Murray then even saved two break point Paul made difficult)相关的主题文章: