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The film "Fengyun" special planning television big coffee marriage Practice Manual – Entertainment Sohu   Wu Jing Xie Nan and his wife Sohu entertainment news broadcasting from 2007 onwards, the film "Fengyun" column has been broadcast for ten years. In ten years, the film "Fengyun" many plans, organization of the classic TV drama together again, a number of cast together in the film "Fengyun" stage, jointly review those happy and moved, and the heart nourishing boutique television drama for everyone; ten years, film and television "Fengyun" column, Beijing is not only the audience to understand the important media platform for film and television industry behind the scenes, the actors also share their side of the world, sour, sweet, bitter, hot show talent, many well-known actors who share their sincere love and marriage in the wisdom and inspiration. The program launched in the ten anniversary of the film "Fengyun" launched special planning — the situation ten years collection of film and television a lot of emotions. In November 9th the 19:35BTV "television situation" carefully selected guests unique love story and marriage experience, together, share feelings, Peng Yu, Zhang Shaohua, Jin Yaqin tips Guoli Zhang, xie Yuan, Liu Ye, Shen Teng and other film have a large coffee with you. Only if the first sign of life in the Qing Dynasty poet Nalanxingde had "only if the first sign of life" of the poem, hazy feeling to describe men and women at the first. Sweet love is always a heart of envy and longing, and the starting point of love a lot of time is also derived from the initial understanding of the two people to each other’s impression and feelings. Many guests in the memory and the other half met fell in love with the scene, all remember the first impression of each other. Xie Yuan and Mrs. Beijing old boy Qiu Yue is due to play himself, first met as Beijing Film Academy teacher Xie Yuan will use their own knowledge to conquer each other, "I give her a problem, every year the moon is nearly 2.15 cm away from the earth? Is far 2.15 cm? This is a very difficult problem!" Mrs. Qiu Yue at the time of the Xie Yuan awe, "unexpectedly Xie Yuan usually Leng Leng bye, often say some jokes, you’re Gao Jie, know lots of stories." Xie Yuan with this her talent to win his wife’s heart, as the kung fu star Wu Jing is by virtue of its handsome appearance attracted the eyes of his wife Xie Nan. Xie Nan said he is generous to watch Wu Jing starred in the TV series "Tai Chi Master", his love, "I think, should be so handsome, after the laugh, eyes like little stars." Wu Jing admitted that he is participating in a chat show hosted by Xie Nan, only pay attention to the good girl, and then heated pursuit. Xie Yuan and Wu Jing married couples, can be said to be due to the film and television industry on behalf of the play of emotion, this way for film and television actor who fell in love is very common, but there are a lot of actors choose to use blind way to find the other half. Such as actor Chen Shu and lover Zhao Yinyin is through to meet, to recall the details of the blind date seems so blind which is visible before the eyes, the details touched by Chen Shu’s heart? How is the actor Liu Ye and his French wife fell in love? This film tells the story of the film "Fengyun" big coffee sweet love story! Easy to get along with each other!相关的主题文章: