The fight against typhoon catfish Fujian Dehua island lifeline pass rush – in Beijing-reshacker

The fight against typhoon "catfish" Fujian Dehua "island lifeline pass rush – Beijing new network in Dehua in September 30, (Li Hongtu Kou Wanqiong) 29 night, Shuikou Town Dehua County of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, Li Keng Village Party branch secretary Huang Yuyu voice is hoarse, three consecutive days of sleep makes him extremely tired, but he is not a moment to relax, because the village relocated people and 63 people, respectively located in the village, the school and the village in a small temple palace. The typhoon "catfish effect", from the beginning the evening of September 27th, the township of Dehua widespread heavy rainfall, Shiniu mountain water town reaches 14 level. Heavy rain caused flash floods on the list, leading to the township water Chengze, Osaka, Kunming, Mao CuO Li Keng Village of the 5 road landslides, traffic, power outages, 10 houses collapsed, 364 villagers trapped. Composed of police officers, militia and the town and village cadres and 14 rescue teams with rice, oil, salt, food and other necessities, on foot to hit County of Dehua Shuikou Town pear village. Li Hongtu after the disaster occurred, Quanzhou, Dehua county leaders rushed to the first time, and organized armed police officers, militia and village cadres rushed to the rescue. Dehua County transportation, municipal, electricity, telecommunications, township and other departments, units are also dispatched to repair the lifeline". Pear pit village more than 27 houses in the slope, depression and other geological disasters, the beginning of the town cadres immediately transferred to the masses. In order to prevent the reflux, the village cadres did not for a moment away from them, and they eat together, live together, but also continue to accompany them to chat, calm emotions, especially in elderly women, the director of the village women even go to the toilet to go with them. After the village has become an island, we can not get out, others can not get in, the mood of the masses a little fluctuation." Huang Yuyu said. On the other hand, the 29 day morning, Shuikou Town consisting of a composed of police officers, militia, town and village cadres and 14 rescue teams, the captain, Shuikou Town People’s Congress Chairman Wu Fulian led to the pear Village, with rice, oil, salt, food and other necessities of life, to the disaster area. Because of the typhoon "catfish" stricken Zhen Li Keng Cun Shuikou Dehua County of Fujian Province, the road is blocked. Photo by Li Hongtu Rain falls in torrents. victims of the crisis, affects everyone’s heart. Rescue teams encountered rapids when travel over land and water, plank bridge, through careful; in rocks and bars, opened in may briefly sidewalk; collapse of the mountain in difficult line two kilometers, and was almost on the trail of the storm destroyed more than two km. Because the mountain is hard, plus the burden, the players physical exertion, the procession had repeatedly to supplement physical rest. After more than two hours after the hard journey, at noon, the team finally reached the village of pear pit settlements. "People saw us coming, like to see the savior." To the resettlement point, the players did not stop for a moment, respectively, condolences to the three settlements of the 63 people, but also condolences to a disaster affected households. At noon, the players did not attend to rest, inspect the village of pear pit and highway collapse. Players Chen Weimin introduced, all the way down, only to find相关的主题文章: