The explosion goalkeeper Samsung in flames or face the media warned that the financial abyss –

The explosion goalkeeper Samsung in flames media warned that the " or " facing the abyss; Sohu finance in Chinese sold 19 Samsung Note7 mobile phone has been confirmed in the fire explosion, will is a "mobile phone explosion door" Samsung again pushed in the teeth of the storm. This is the first similar explosion occurred in China, triggering a large number of Chinese Internet users have not been recalled in China Samsung has a large number of questions. Prior to this, Samsung Note7 mobile phone in the multinational fire explosion occurred in the global recall, but the Chinese market excluded. Even in the relevant departments involved in China, Samsung is only part of the recall experience machine, the phone is not included in the official sale. Since the Note7 fire explosion, Samsung shares fell cliff style, many airlines prohibit the Samsung mobile phone on the plane and even into the airport, a major blow to the high-end brand image more Samsung has been built. While revenue accounted for more than GDP20% of South Korea SamSung turmoil also let the South Korean economy "cold". South Korea, "daily economy," said the editorial, Samsung needs to go all out to eliminate consumer unrest. Some analysts believe that in recent years, around the Samsung scandal, Samsung should be a sincere reflection, "if South Korea’s Samsung mobile phone because the fire explosion event lost China market, it may face the abyss".相关的主题文章: