The equipment is very cool! More than 500 Jinhua warriors cross the Qian Tang

The equipment is very cool! More than 500 Jinhua warriors cross the Qian Tang River and cross the Qian Tang River, which is why many swimmers in Zhejiang don’t understand. Since 2006 held the number of participants is increasing year by year, from hundreds to thousands of people this morning, thousands of water across the swimming challenge, there are more than 500 from Jinhua to join the ranks of swimming enthusiasts across. "Wow, good co Jinhua winter wind ah, actually do so" tall "slogans." At 8 o’clock in the morning, 60 members of the Jinhua swimming team came near the Qiantang River Olympic Sports Center before the newly built pier, they were busy installing propaganda slogans – Jinhua winter tour co mother river, more than ten meters tagline to attract other swimmers eyes. At 9 o’clock in the morning, more than 500 warriors from Jinhua and a large force together after another into the water, swimming enthusiasts lifesaving float floating in the river, like a small lantern, look very spectacular. 68 swimmers Zhang Xiaomei said, there is the morning, the temperature a little lower, but these did not affect the enthusiasm of them across the Qiantang River. An hour later, swimmers from all over the country came ashore, and the 60 warriors of Jinhua winter Association pushed the slogan of "Jinhua winter Association Tour mother river" slowly to shore. Jinhua winter association responsible Wang Jicheng face easily ashore, he said, in 2012, we have come across once, now the water quality significantly better than before, very comfortable, although so many people together to push propaganda slogans travel more difficult, but we cooperate very well. Yiwu Swimming Association organized 105 players to cross the day, the 9 year old Luo family name is the smallest one, he told reporters, affected by the wind, swim down more tired, but still feel better. Yiwu swimming association leader Lou Yan said, along with the rest of the water quality good, everyone’s swimming is also growing enthusiasm, this year, they participated in the tour of the Wujiang River, Chen Jiang and other 5 large collective activities.

装备很拉风!500余名金华勇士横渡钱塘江 横渡钱塘江,是浙江众多游泳爱好者不解的情缘。自2006年恢复举办以来,参加人数年年攀升,从几百人至几千人,今天上午,数千泳将下水挑战横渡,其中,有500多名来自金华的游泳爱好者加入横渡的队伍。“哇,金华冬协好拉风啊,居然做了这么‘高大上’的宣传标语。”上午8时许,金华冬泳队的60名队员来到钱塘江奥体中心前新建成的码头附近,他们忙着安装宣传标语——金华冬协畅游母亲河,十余米的宣传标语吸引了其它冬泳爱好者的目光。上午9时许,来自金华的500多名勇士和大部队一起陆续下水,游泳爱好者的救生浮球浮在江面上,犹如一盏盏小灯笼,一眼望去非常壮观。68岁的冬泳爱好者张笑梅说,早上有潮水,气温有点低,但这些丝毫不会影响她们横渡钱塘江的热情。一个小时以后,来自各地的游泳爱好者陆续上岸,金华冬协的60名勇士推着“金华冬协畅游母亲河”的宣传标语慢慢靠岸。金华冬协负责人王季成一脸轻松地上岸,他说,2012年的时候,我们也来横渡过一次,现在的水质明显比以前好,非常舒服,尽管这么多人一起推着宣传标语游比较吃力,但大家配合地非常好。义乌游泳协会当天组织了105名队员参加横渡,今年9岁的骆家名是最小的一位,他告诉记者,受风向的影响,横渡下来比较累,但感觉还是比较好。 义乌游泳协会领队楼艳表示,随着各地水质变好,大家的游泳热情也日益高涨,今年,他们共参加了畅游婺江、大陈江等5次集体活动。相关的主题文章: