The emperor of Japan will be difficult to reach a consensus about the abdication of experts have dua-aspack

The emperor of Japan will be difficult to reach a consensus about the abdication of experts have dual authority – Beijing, Beijing, November 15, according to Japanese media reports, 14 this month, the Japanese government held the fourth meeting of experts on matters relating to the abdication of the emperor during his lifetime in the residence of the prime minister, experts called 6 historical aspects of listening to the views of the second round will. The same day, the Japanese media, Sakurai Yoshiko and other 4 people on the basis of the dual authority of the old and new emperor and was worried about the use of political and expressed caution or opposition. They take a relaxing setting "Regent" conditions and other measures, for example, may also be due to the emperor and set the "Regent" advanced in age to exercise state behavior. Data figure according to reports, attended the meeting, Sophia University professor emeritus Watanabe Masui that it is better to play the role of "Regent" system, it gives a negative view to abdicate. Sakurai stressed on "difficult to abdicate in favour of" thought ", review the history, who have been using political way", advocated by relaxing the setting of "Regent" conditions to deal with. Keio University political science professor Gasawara Eihiko for the dual authority of worry, "said unable to abdicate, should not be taken to amend the" model of the royal family "and the development of the special law of any kind of method". Study on Teikyo University professor Ima Aki Japanese medieval history will also double authority as a problem, "said abdication should be quite difficult", that the most appropriate way is to act as temporary state behavior. Iwai Katsumi abdicated in favor of the Japanese media, "put forward in the face due to old age limit should be living way, which is consistent with the idea of the emperor as a scientist". Iwai advocated a change of Japan "model of the royal family" rather than making special law only acknowledges a generation of abdication. Former Japanese deputy chief cabinet secretary Ishihara Nobuo pointed out in the elderly by the emperor should abdicate, and that through the special law to perfect the legal right "". It is understood that the first round of opinion will listen to 5 experts as the object, the implementation of this month on the 7. About to abdicate, including conditional, approve or recognized by the 3 people, given the negative views for 2 people. Among the experts who express their approval or approval, there are differences of opinion that support the special law and the requirement to institutionalize the system by modifying the model. And after the second round, a total of 5 people in favor of recognition or abdication, 6 people showed prudence or opposition. The third round of hearing will be held on 30, there will be a number of constitutional scholars to attend the 5.相关的主题文章: