The Egyptian military is the most ridiculous decision to admit 4 year old boy murder still – Sohu

The Egyptian military is "the most ridiculous decision to admit" 4 year old boy murder still – Sohu news wrongfully convicted of a 4 year old boy Ahmad? Mansoor? (Ahmed Mansour Qurani Ali Karni? Ali). Last week, Ahmad? Mansoor? (Ahmed Mansour Qurani Ali Karni? Ali) and the other 115 court convicted in 2014 with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (the Muslim Brotherhood) relating to riots launched in Fayoum Province, while Ali was only 2 years old. The Egyptian military spokesman Mohamed? Samir (Mohammed Samir) said that the court should be fine is a 16 year old teenager Ahmad? Mansoor? Karni? (Ahmed Mansour Qurani Sharara pull salad), rather than Ali at the age of 4, two names are very similar. At present, the court has not yet withdrawn the false accusations and judgments, and what situation the 4 year old Ali will face is still unknown. Ali’s lawyer Ramadan? Phil Hart (Ramadan Farhat) said, Ali’s name was incorrectly added to the suspect list, while completely ignoring the Court emphasized the age of the birth certificate and other materials, still determine the 4 counts of murder, 8 counts of attempted murder and destruction of government property charges and other charges.

埃及军方为“最荒谬判决”认错 4岁男孩谋杀罪仍未撤-搜狐新闻   被误判的4岁男孩艾哈迈德?曼苏尔?卡尔尼?阿里(Ahmed Mansour Qurani Ali)。   上周,艾哈迈德?曼苏尔?卡尔尼?阿里(Ahmed Mansour Qurani Ali)与另外115人被法院判定与2014年埃及穆斯林兄弟会(简称穆兄会)在法尤姆省发起的一起暴乱行为有关,而当时阿里年仅2岁。   埃及军方发言人穆罕默德?萨米尔(Mohammed Samir)表示,法院本应判罚的是一名16岁青少年艾哈迈德?曼苏尔?卡尔尼?沙拉拉(Ahmed Mansour Qurani Sharara),而非4岁的阿里,两人的名字很相近。   目前,法院尚未撤销错误的指控和判决,4岁的阿里将面对怎样的境遇还未可知。阿里的辩护律师拉马丹?费尔哈特(Ramadan Farhat)表示,阿里的名字被错误地添加到犯罪嫌疑人列表中,而法庭完全无视了强调其年龄的出生证明等材料,依然判定其4项谋杀罪名、8项谋杀未遂罪名和破坏政府财产等罪名成立。相关的主题文章: