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The driver who drops: the struggle in the future between 14 points to 01 points, Zhao Xin sat in his car, idly looked at his client: the driver drops fast online 2.8 hours, has 3 single, 41.09 yuan of water. Zhao Xin recalled the scene at noon, might have been 4 single, but after a passenger called and canceled, and finally connected to the 3 single. Another bit of fast driver is slightly better, but it is not optimistic. He received a total of 2 hours of online time, only one of the 6 single, have been canceled, the final flow of $59.1 yuan. "I think, the delivery will not be happier," Zhao Xin to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter reluctantly said, "at least not idle." Zhao Xin has served as a technical staff in multinational companies, and later switched to domestic listed companies, but because of the poor economic situation and the company’s internal struggle and other reasons, now unemployed, he opened a trickle express. "Ten hours a day, almost more than and 400 of water, 10 thousand and 2 a month, planing oil fees and other costs, about 6000 yuan a month, the total income is better than zero." Zhao Xin said. But he also admitted that the driver drops do not in the long run, only as a transitional stage of their own occupation career, find a stable income work is the right way. In addition, unstable income pay and reward is not proportional to the outside, but also several drivers to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter reflect the current drivers identity of non-compliance, fear of entrapment; platform evaluation mechanism to passengers, endless decline and other issues of service. It is interesting to note that these drivers complaining, while still holding the order, and seriously discuss with each other to pull a single business. For them, to really leave, there is no reason. Perhaps they have no choice at all. It is contained in a few months before the road drops as early as platform "harvesting" passengers, the driver had to drop "operation". Whether it is car or train, in recent months, the driver drops the most is the feedback less money, pay and reward is not proportional. Bit by bit network about the driver told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, the platform is basically canceled subsidies, occasionally in the morning and evening peak received a single subsidy, but also very little. "The normal full-time car income of about 6000-8000 yuan, express less, and every day from morning to night, working ten hours." The car driver told the Herald reporter Mr. Gu in twenty-first Century. Network about the driver of the current embarrassing identity for the original hard won income, but also increased the risk. In July 28th, the Ministry of transport issued the "Interim Measures for online booking taxi business service management" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), for the network about cars "name". The approach introduced so far, but there is still no official announcement of the implementation of a local rules or draft, Beijing, Fujian and other places are still investigating the network about the car. Lift fishing enforcement issues, the driver immediately excited. Each received a single, worry about transportation entrapment." Express driver Li Ye (a pseudonym) to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter expressed his uneasiness, even if there is only one fishing law enforcement officers in Beijing, then let me catch up with it." In "black"相关的主题文章: