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The Dragon Boat Race Yuexiang Guangxi Guangxi Zhaoping opening (Figure) – the new network for the Dragon Boat competition. Tang Mengxian photo Beijing, Hezhou, October 7, October 7th second, (Tang Mengxian) Guangxi Yuexiang dragon boat race and Zhaoping County Cultural Tourism Festival held in 2016 long Guangxi Zhaoping County of Hezhou city. 44 dragon boat teams from Guangxi, Guangdong and Hunan provinces, Guangxi in the wide river volatile propeller racing. With the sound of the starting pistol, Guijiang water racing boats go hand in hand towards the front, the flying spray, flying dragon, dragon boat racing, deafening sound of gongs and drums, cheers, and shore joy of the audience, to form a deep nostalgia dragon to custom painting. Zhaoping County is located in the eastern part of Guangxi, Guangxi river, a beautiful ecological environment, rich cultural heritage. County forest coverage as high as 85.55%, ranking first in Guangxi. The unique resources of Zhaoping "beautiful mountain, water, tea, ancient town charm", its excellent ecological environment, rich natural ingredients longevity culture. As a national civilized city, national ecological demonstration zone, has become worthy of the name of China Zhaoping longevity and organic tea Chinese township. The dragon boat race to "Tianhe state? Dragon Zhaoping" as the theme, organized by the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, Hezhou Municipal People’s government, is an important event during the Guangxi Sports Festival, an important activity in the county is striving for "national global tourism demonstration area" and the "Guangxi Tourism County". The Zhaoping County Party Secretary Zhang Yufu said that the Dragon Boat Race and longevity culture, ecological tourism closely together, build a higher standard, the larger, the effect is further Yuexiang Guangxi provinces exchanges and cooperation, promote a strong image display platform, the most beautiful Guangxi County building, build "longevity cultural tourism brand, Huang Yao dream Guijiang Rover" to promote innovation and development, catch leap, Zhaoping green rise. It is reported that during the festival, Zhaoping County also held China longevity longevity food fairs, folk performances, dragon parade of thousands of people, tourism commodity selection dustpan feast, "Gui Jiang? China dream" thousands of people swim Guijiang, theatrical performances and other activities. (end)相关的主题文章: