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A beautiful picture show the development and Upgrade — Jiangxi Channel – original title: drum development show beautiful picture of a bamboo upgrade, combined with electronic products perfect, across the sea to earn foreign exchange; a dish, with the concept of organic urban residents, end on the table; a car, aggregation number of courier companies, open up the electricity supplier logistics "the last mile"…… In Tonggu County, the ecological protection, the green industry and the service of cadres have been upgraded in an all-round way, and the beautiful new paintings are displayed everywhere. "The largest resource advantage of the bronze drum is to have a blue sky, a blue water and a pure land." The new county Party committee group believes that the foundation of the development and upgrading of the bronze drum is the fine ecological environment. To this end, the county put forward ecological protection upgrade, achieve environmental threshold higher, area not only increase, not only strict law enforcement supervision loose. The ecological environment protection is an insurmountable red line. In the field of economic development, we must strictly enforce the "one vote veto" of environmental protection and the joint trial system of entry projects. Since last year, the whole county has abandoned more than 20 industrial projects that are not conducive to environmental protection. Farmers’ awareness of ecological protection has been enhanced, the county has 27 villages, more than 7200 farmers spontaneous closing off 490 thousand acres, the county accounted for 23.5% of the total area of forest. "Ecological County, industrial Fuxian" is the core essence of Tonggu development upgrade. With the construction of "Chang copper high speed ecological economic belt" as an opportunity, the county adheres to the green development, speeds up the construction of the eco industrial park, and tries to cultivate the new growth pole of the economy. Around the 3 leading industries of bamboo processing, biomedicine and food processing, a number of high-quality projects such as HUAYU, Jin Yuan and Rong Tong have been introduced. The emerging industries of strategic importance have risen vigorously, and the industrial structure has been reconstructed and optimized. Ben step and Jiangqiao company through product innovation, improve the added value of bamboo, an ordinary bamboo enhance the added value of a hundred times; Jie business, Sun Valley and other commercial enterprises through marketing innovation, realize the industrial products and agricultural products to the countryside to town; Renhe pharmacy through the new GMP certification, to expand production capacity, improve the benefits. The upgrade of the copper drum green industry is also highlighted in the ecological tourism and the organic agriculture industry. This year, the county innovative whole domain tourism concept, the compilation of the "Tonggu County tourism development overall plan," and other implementation plans to promote the tourism industry transformation and development. In February this year, the Autumn Harvest Uprising Memorial area has successfully created the national 4A level tourist attractions. Tang Li hot spring and Tianzhu peak scenic area are speeding up the creation of 4A level tourist attractions, and launched 4 boutique tourist routes. The enthusiasm of farmers to invest in rural tourism is rising, and the farmers in the county have built or built 12 large-scale tourism projects, with a total investment of more than 300 million yuan. From 1 to August this year, 1 million 15 thousand visitors were received in the county, with a total tourism income of 563 million yuan, which increased by 25% and 26% year on year. The bronze drum has been upgraded as a guarantee for the upgrading of the cadre service concept. At the beginning of the year, the County launched a great debate on "emancipating our minds and catching up with development". We organized more than 1100 party members and cadres to go out to study and conduct more than 50 discussions. The strict mechanism of project promotion and the working mechanism of helping enterprises have been set up. Pai Bu Zhen Huang Village Party branch secretary Qiu Hui with villagers go out to visit several times this year with the introduction of Pitaya ecological park, farm leisure pension villa, blueberry plantations and other projects, a total investment of about 16000000 yuan. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)

铜鼓发展升级展现秀美画卷–江西频道–人民网 原标题:铜鼓发展升级展现秀美画卷   一根竹,与电子产品完美结合,漂洋过海赚取外汇;一棵菜,植入有机理念,端上都市居民的餐桌;一部车,聚合多家快递公司,打通电商物流“最后一公里”……在铜鼓县,生态保护、绿色产业、干部服务全面升级,处处展现秀美新画卷。   “铜鼓最大的资源优势就是拥有一片蓝天、一泓碧水、一方净土。”新一届县委班子认为,实现铜鼓发展升级的基础就是优良的生态环境。为此,该县提出生态保护升级,做到环保门槛只高不低,封山育林面积只增不减,执法监管只严不松。把生态环境保护作为不可逾越的红线,在经济发展领域严格执行环保“一票否决”及入园项目联审制,严把准入关。去年以来,全县舍弃20余个不利于环境保护的工业项目。农民生态保护意识也不断增强,目前全县有27个村、7200多农户自发封山育林49万亩,占全县山林总面积的23.5%。   “生态立县、产业富县”是铜鼓发展升级的核心要义。该县以“昌铜高速生态经济带”建设为契机,坚持绿色发展,加快生态工业园区建设,着力培育经济新增长极。围绕毛竹精深加工、生物医药、食品加工3个主导产业,引进了华裕、金源、荣通等一批优质项目,战略性新兴产业强势崛起,重构和优化了产业结构。奔步、江桥等公司通过产品创新,提高毛竹附加值,使一根普通毛竹附加值提升了百倍;捷一商务、阳光谷等电商企业通过营销创新,实现了工业品下乡、农产品进城;仁和制药等通过新版GMP认证,扩大了产能,提高了效益。   铜鼓绿色产业升级,还突出体现在生态旅游、有机农业产业上。今年,该县创新全域旅游理念,编制了《铜鼓县旅游发展总体规划》等实施方案,推进旅游产业转型发展。今年2月,秋收起义纪念地景区已成功创建国家4A级旅游景区;汤里温泉、天柱峰景区等正加快创建4A级旅游景区;推出了4条精品旅游线路。农民投资乡村旅游的热情高涨,全县农民集资已建或在建上规模的旅游项目12个,总投资3亿多元。今年1至8月,全县共接待游客101.5万人次,旅游总收入5.63亿元,同比分别增长25%和26%。铜鼓以干部服务理念升级作为发展升级的保障。年初全县开展了“解放思想、赶超发展”大讨论活动,组织1100多名党员干部走出去学习考察,开展讨论活动50多场。建立了严格的项目推进机制和帮扶企业工作机制。排埠镇黄溪村党支部书记邱辉带村民外出考察多次,今年引进火龙果生态园、农场式休闲养老山庄、蓝莓种植园等多个项目,总投资1600多万元。 (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章: