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The Bundesliga – Aubameyang in box 0-0 Dortmund Dembele misfiring four victorious – Sohu sports Beijing time on October 30th at 0:30 in the morning, the ninth round of the 201617 Bundesliga season, a focus of the war fierce competition, in the course of " > s; HD: gotze chaos army flying in two tough flight breakthrough plexus strangling Beijing time on October 30th at 0:30 in the morning, the 201617 Bundesliga season the ninth round of the focus of a battle fierce competition in the Dortmund stadium Falun, home court against Schalke 04. The first half of the game is very intense, the two players had a total of 5 yellow cards, but did not create a break opportunity. The second half, Dembele column, gertze missed scoring opportunities. Finally, Dortmund 0-0 home court against Schalke 04, four consecutive league matches without a win. The history of the two sides clash record 94 times, Dortmund 34 wins 27 flat 33 negative, into 145 ball lost 133 ball, slightly the upper hand. The recent 10 war, Dortmund achieved 5 wins 2 flat 3 negative, the last meeting between the two sides in a 2-2 draw. Dortmund currently has 4 wins 2 flat 2 negative, ranked seventh in the league, the home court of 3 wins 1 flat, record is stable, averaging 3 goals tied for the Bundesliga, but concede only 0.75. Schalke 04 this season 2 wins, 1 draws and 5 losses ranked fourteenth in the league, and the road performance made 1 flat 3 negative have not won, averaging only 0.5 goals conceded, and reached 1.5. After Schalke 04 after a downturn at the beginning of the new season, the recent strong recovery, 6 games 5 wins, 1 unbeaten, main striker Huntelaar and new signing Don Boro Kyun found the goal. Two teams of players, Schmelzer, Suboti, is Similarly afflicted people pity each other., Moore, Royce and other players were injured and can’t play for Dortmund, Schalke 04 and wounded a lot, Waylon Rohit, Bitle, Kirk, he, Uchida Atsuhito, Sam, Seewald Dov, Em Boro, such as per capita injury hanging mianzhanpai. After the start of the game, the two teams quickly into the state. Third minutes, Schalke 04 frontcourt played a wonderful match, schoepf teammate heel back sent Zhise, Marx – Maier on the right side of the area hit the door blocked by Papa Stathopoulos. The Ruhr derby is a hot, seventh minutes, Kagawa Shinji header elbow Gus booked. Twelfth minutes, Dortmund midfielder Weigel Maier defensive foul to get a yellow card. Thirteenth minutes, Schalke 04 get the chance to fight back, Graetz card sent Zhise, Dizon asked the small angle on the right side of the area shot was blocked by a defender. Twenty-first minutes, Gass pass, schoepf on the right side of the area after the ball right foot shot, the ball was a defensive player blocked. Subsequently, Graetz clamped Bentelaibu pass outside the restricted area right foot shot the ball confiscated by Burki. Thirty-fourth minutes, Nastasic Aubameyang defensive foul, eat a yellow card. Thirty-seventh minutes, the ball break by Bent Laib Dembele slid down, the referee booked. Fourth)相关的主题文章: