The breakdown of Japanese SUV four 4 popular compact SUV recommendation (video) truffe

The breakdown of Japanese SUV four 4 popular compact SUV recommend the Japanese brand always synonymous with fine and quality, as well as in the automotive industry, stable quality and excellent workmanship always gives people a stable but the lack of a sense of personality. But the times are changing, the Japanese brands in the fierce market competition, the development of more of their own personality and color. Today we recommend 4 models of the current day of the compact SUV, look at the different personality of them, whether the Japanese brand models out of a new way of fun. Young people of high value new Mazda CX-4 Yan – FAW Mazda CX-4: the most avant-garde personality choice of the official guide price: 14.08-21.58 million Mazda "soul" design philosophy gives us a lot of stunning works, while the CX-4 is Mazda’s latest attempt in the field of SUV. CX-4 and angkesaila (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) with a platform to build, the FAW Mazda (micro-blog) production, its unique design and elegant (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) curve, let us on the shape of SUV and a new understanding. Coupe and combination of SUV and other cross-border avant-garde more than ordinary SUV, with better control; compared with the ordinary compact sedan has better trafficability and more space inside the vehicle. Appearance: implement the "soul" concept of personality fashion is not "routine" CX – 4 is used in a coupe and combination of SUV and other cross-border design, this is also quite criticize attracted a lot of topics, love very love, feel a range of children, is not love the new in order to be different, think it is between SUV and coupe, too cross. The essence of soul dynamic design language is the design of the engine compartment, the first design is that the entire engine compartment and body ratio of ordinary cars to create a large, long front sight, front also gentle downward shape, is poised to dive posture. 4 models recommended size comparison from the size of view, the X-Trail recommended four models (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) measurements data is the best, while the Mazda CX-4 in length and wheelbase and it maintained a close, CR-V and RAV4 are slightly inferior in length and wheelbase. In the design, CX-4 is the unique coupe wind stand head and shoulders above others, other than ordinary SUV boring style, gives another impression. Configuration: the system configuration of the level of high-tech rich configuration of Mazda’s vehicle appears in the configuration has been not very prominent, but in the CX-4, they seem to understand, all standard configuration is very rich, high version of the equipment is more can be said to be armed to the teeth. Such as shift paddles, head up display, LED lamp group, navigation, active braking safety system and automatic headlight configuration are equipped with, let alone a novel clock for allocation of young consumer groups pharynx slobber. The CX-4 is equipped with LED headlights, not only face high value and better lighting effect at night, service life than ordinary halogen or xenon lamp for a long time. Compared with other three Japanese SUV or top is equipped with the whole system are not LED or CX-4 in the headlights with headlight.相关的主题文章: