The boy took 6000 yuan in the house to play a game and was taken to surrender (video) by his parents-vidown

The boy took 6000 yuan to play games and was surrendered by his parents. At about 11 o’clock in September 18th, a boy about 10 years old walked into the police station of Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau. He cried as he said, "my father made me come from the first." The police on duty to appease them, the little boy held back chouye told the police, he took 6000 yuan to buy games and equipment, are found out by the parents, the parents will escort the son to the police station to surrender. Police learned that bright (pseudonym) is the third grade primary school students, usually at home is very strict, have a good performance, he has been the hearts of parents baby. In the evening of September 18th, when mom was tidying up the room, she suddenly found that 6000 yuan cash in the drawer of the closet was gone. Gold and silver jewelry kept with cash were still good. "If the home stolen, the thief not only took 6000 yuan in cash." Mother decided that it was bright and secretly took the money, but when asked, he did not admit it. Then, in the parents of serious questioning, bright fear, finally the truth, cry to admit that it is his own. "My own child lies, I can see it at one eye!" After a period of communication with the police, bright dad walked into the police station. The summer vacation this year, bright hooked on online games, the beginning he was free to play games, then he gradually found some friends in the game a sudden increase in strength, after asking to know they buy a prepaid card, prepaid purchase will move the bright idea of game equipment. He kept hidden from his parents for a few times before and after the Mid Autumn Festival. He secretly took the money from his family to repurchase the game equipment. When his parents found that his family had less cash, Liang Liang had already recharged 6000 yuan to buy game equipment. It was thought that parents would not doubt themselves, and the result was bright or found. Her parents took him up to the Banqiao police station, "you go to surrender, the situation with the police uncle said well, see you how to deal with the police." The parents brought his son to the doorway of the police station and let him go into the police station, so the beginning of this article appeared. The bright parents told the police that their parents only wanted to give their children a profound lesson, mainly to fear that he was not long in memory and misguided. The police first talked with bright, let him realize the mistake and understand the seriousness of the problem. After that, the police will wait for many bright parents to enter the mediation room, and educate the children together. The police also remind the bright parents, the children’s interests and hobbies should be properly educated and correct guidance, to pay attention to the education method. After a conversation, a family walked out of the police station with three people. Extended video: the boy was beaten on the balcony for 1 days on the balcony and was beaten by his father for 17 times.

男孩偷拿家中6000元去玩游戏 被父母押去“自首”9月18日晚上11点左右,一个10岁左右的小男孩独自走进雨花台公安分局板桥派出所。他一边哭着一边说:“我爸爸让我来自首。”在值班民警的安抚询问下,小男孩才忍住抽噎告诉民警,他前后花了6000多元买游戏装备,被父母发现了,父母便“押送”儿子到派出所“自首”来了。民警了解到,亮亮(化名)是小学三年级的学生,平常家里管得很严,学习成绩也不错,他一直是父母心中的乖宝宝。9月18日晚上,妈妈在收拾房间时,突然发现放在衣橱抽屉里的6000元现金不见了,与现金放在一起的金银首饰仍是好好的。“如果家中遭窃,小偷不会只拿走6000元现金。”妈妈认定这是亮亮偷偷拿了钱,但问亮亮时,他并不承认。随后,在父母严肃追问下,亮亮害怕了,终于道出实情,哭着承认是自己拿了。“自家小孩撒谎,我一眼就能看出来!”待亮亮与民警交流一段时间后,亮亮爸爸才走进了派出所。原来今年暑假期间,亮亮迷上了网络游戏,开始的时候他只是免费玩游戏,后来他渐渐发现有些游戏里的朋友突然实力大增,经过询问才知道他们购买了充值卡,亮亮便动了充值购买游戏装备的念头。他瞒着父母,在中秋节前后陆续几次偷偷拿了家里的钱充值购买游戏装备,等到父母发现家中现金少了的时候,亮亮已经充值了6000多元购买游戏装备。原本以为父母不会怀疑自己,结果亮亮还是被发现了。气头上的父母直接把他带到板桥派出所,“你去自首,把情况跟警察叔叔说清楚吧,看看警察怎么处理你。”父母把儿子带到派出所门口,让他一个人进了派出所,于是出现了本文开头的一幕。亮亮的父母告诉民警,做父母的只想给孩子一个深刻的教训,主要是害怕他不长记性,误入歧途。民警先是和亮亮谈心,让他意识到错误,明白问题的严重性,之后民警将等候多时的亮亮父母请进调解室,对孩子共同进行教育。民警也提醒亮亮父母,对孩子的兴趣爱好要进行适当的教育和正确的引导,要注意教育方法。经过一番交流,一家三口心平气和地走出了派出所。扩展视频:与原文无关 男孩阳台上1天被父亲毒打17次 继母称因其偷东西吃 加载中…相关的主题文章: