The Bank of East Asia Power Education public welfare fund four new firefly Park – Beijing-shuyue

The Bank of East Asia Power Education public welfare fund four new "firefly Park" – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, recently, Shanghai Song Qingling foundation — the Bank of East Asia welfare fund (hereinafter referred to as "the Bank of East Asia public funds") in Kaili City, Guizhou Province fifteenth primary school, Zhouxi elementary school, Hunan city of Xiangxiang province Penny white Tian Zhen middle school and Sichuan city of Chengdu province Jintang County town primary school four new "firefly park". So far, the Bank of East Asia, the public fund in the country built firefly Park total reached 55. "One of the main contents of the firefly Park" project "as the core of Bank of East Asia welfare fund firefly plan", refers to the multimedia classroom, including computer projectors and other audio-visual equipment and new desks and chairs, to help the old and backward teaching facilities in schools to improve teaching environment, improve the quality of teaching in schools. The donation, to make up for the lack of hardware in these four schools, to help students develop their vision, enrich their after-school life. Officially opened in four "firefly Park" at the same time, the Bank of East Asia welfare fund for the school to prepare students for more than 2 thousand and 100 books and stationery with practical learning activities of the "firefly 60 package" as a new year gift. In addition, there are special public funds for rural teachers and principals training plan, every year from a "firefly Park" in the selection of dozens of school teachers and principals are rich went to the provincial capital of professional training, help teachers improve the teaching level and optimization. It is reported that the construction of the "firefly Park" respectively received strong support from the Spanish bank foundation, Shenzhen Xin Yuan Jewelry Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Addie fan jewelry ltd.. It is the efforts of these love enterprises, for the more backward areas of education for teachers and students to bring new hope, East Asia China will also continue to play a synergistic effect, with like-minded partners in the public on the road ahead.相关的主题文章: