The ad hoc international fair tea culture exhibition-tda7294

International Fair ad hoc "tea culture exhibition this Friday (November 4th), Yantai International Fair & international jewelry exhibition will be the same period in Yantai International Expo center. Exhibition exhibition area of 20 thousand square meters, the invitation from the world’s more than and 30 countries and regions to participate in the event of the 500 exhibitors. The ad hoc: jade jewelry, mahogany furniture, painting and calligraphy, carving, Yixing ceramic tea, the international famous brand collection process 7 theme exhibition. Among them, the heavy build "tea culture exhibition, will bring together 30 national ceramic art masters, from Yixing’s 30 ceramic masters and tea all over the manufacturers, bring an incomparable tea culture feast. Yixing art masters gather 1000 HANDMADE PURPLE boutique exhibition debut purple works mostly fine, from design, material selection to make, for a year, demonstrating the artistic conception of master of Arts and crafts, with high artistic value and market value of. The organizing committee staff, the tea culture exhibition, there will be 30 craft masters from Jiangsu Yixing carry nearly 1000 Yixing outstanding works to the exhibition site for public appreciation, simple and elegant, beautiful shape of the teapot that will let all kinds of friends who love. Wu Zhifang’s works: "rhyme jade"相关的主题文章: