The 8 major events of the opening of the Changde Tourism Festival in October and the 7 major

Changde Tourism Festival opened in October 8 with 7 bright little activity in September 23rd, the 2016 Changde Tourism Festival press conference held in the city planning exhibition hall, a number of well-known media including Hunan TV public channel, Hongkong daily, Ta Kung Pao, Tencent, Hunan Network participated in the conference. 2016, the news conference of Changde Tourism Festival. Hu Qiuling, vice mayor of Changde, introduced the 2016 Changde Tourism Festival. The vice mayor of Changde, Kuang Jia, was interviewed by Tencent ·. The people’s Government of Changde City Vice Mayor Hu Qiuling, vice mayor of Changde municipal government; Kuang Jiachi Deputy Secretary General of Changde municipal government; Cheng Lingmin; deputy director of the Changde Municipal Tourism Foreign Affairs Bureau member, Shi Caiming attended the conference. The people’s Government of Changde City Vice Mayor Hu Qiuling said at the meeting: "Tourism Festival as an integration of tourism resources, promote tourism products, an important platform to promote the regional tourism cooperation in Changde, started the" land of idyllic beauty "tourism brand, shaping the" kiss "of Changde tourism image, accelerate the construction of domestic and foreign well-known leisure tourism destination. It has very important significance." The Changde Tourism Festival by the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the city of alien style new Bureau, the people’s Government of Lixian, willow lake tourist resort zone and municipal investment group, city investment group contractor, is scheduled for September – November, held related activities in Changde city and the relevant county city. Tourism Festival opening ceremony will be held on October 17th at 8:00 in the River Street Pier, wearing purple River held. In recent years, the municipal government in accordance with the "new Changde, new venture" strategy, vigorously implement the cultural tourism industry to tackle strategic plan of action for three years, a large number of continuous introduction of city leisure tourism products have been or will be available in Changde City, the global tourism has taken shape, "kiss Changde, romantic city" of the city leisure tourism the brand image has been effectively improved. Especially in 2015, we successfully held the Changde Tourism Festival and held the Hunan international tourism festival for the first time. We launched the Changde tourism world, such as "happy water world", "white crane town", "Beach Park", "Wuling Pavilion" and "walking city". In order to better city, city marketing management, focus on the advantages of using tourism, city tourism products, packaging and promotion of the city tourism line, stimulating tourism consumption, by the municipal government, and submitted to the provincial people’s government approval, decided to host the 2016 Changde tourism festival. The tourism festival includes seven main activities: 1. Hunan tourism "Golden Triangle" development summit. In the morning of October 17th, the guests reported at 3:00 p.m. to attend the Golden Triangle development summit in Hunan. The summit will hold the signing ceremony of the Hunan Tour "Golden Triangle" gold tour both at home and abroad, and the Hunan tourism "Golden Triangle" Development Summit Forum. The opening ceremony of the inaugural tour of Chuanzihe river Changde Tourism Festival 2.2016. On the evening of October 17th, 8: 00 – 10: 00. All the guests attended the ceremony of launching the purple river. The water bus opened a unified whistle. The guests took the water bus to tour the night scene along the Purple River and enjoy the special cultural performances. 3. German street on the street. October 18th – 9:18 10: 30, Hannover mayor visited Germany, held at the same time the German Style Street open street ceremony, start Changde Hannover cultural exchange week, Germany "window of Hannover exhibition hall" culture exhibition, Hannover show, German style ceremonial carnival, beer festival, music festival. 4.常德河街开盘。 October 18th – 10:50 11: 50, in the River Street South Gate River Street Wharf often held the opening ceremony, the guests can get a glimpse of the ancient architectural style just completed. At the same time, it is full of expectation and imagination for the official opening of the new year’s day in 2017. 5. "seven thousand year journey through the city" Chengtoushan ancient city tour line. The afternoon of October 18th 1: 00 – 4: 30, the guests and reporters, unified travel to Li county head mountain scenic area, feeling city cultural tour, to attend the "foreign visit" awarding ceremony at Chengtoushan, watch the "top Chengtoushan" drama performance. 6. the kale world of the overseas Chinese city of Changde has started. "Changde card music world · OCT overseas Chinese town" project is a large recreation project by Changde investment group and OCT Group jointly developed, a total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, covers an area of about 536 acres, the construction area of about 50 thousand square meters, designed annual admission of 1 million 800 thousand tourists, is the representative of the overseas Chinese town "card" series the brand of the park. There are four themes in the park, including 10 major theme venues and 12 outdoor entertainment facilities. There will be many patent technologies for amusement equipment, such as the world’s first 360 degree panoramic world theatre, the first domestic time car, movie and TV jump tower, movie and television flying board, solar flying car and so on. The construction of this project also reflects the strength of the development of tourism in our city. 7. Changde Art Fair (old Simon). The afternoon of October 18th 5: 30 – 6: 30, all the guests unified ride to the old Simon, in the cellar of the house, he felt the traditional dish Museum of folk culture in Changde; visit the Changde tourism commodity exhibition, arts and crafts exhibition, calligraphy and painting exhibition etc.. In addition to the seven activities, the Tourism Festival highlights is more: one bright spot: "Changde, Zhangjiajie, Xiangxi, Hunan three tourism engine jointly" sword "in Zhangjiajie, Xiangxi is the Hunan tourism in Changde city of Xiangxi as a gilded signboard, portal, is the only way which must be passed to the two destinations, with its beautiful city environment, perfect supporting services become the tourist center of Xiangxi, Zhangjiajie, Xiangxi and Golden Triangle jointly build the Hunan tourism"". At the October 17th Hunan tourism Golden Triangle Development Summit held in October 17th, tourism experts will start brainstorming and passionate collision on the joint development of "Golden Triangle". At the same time, the three meeting will jointly launch a number of routes and preferential policy, proposed by Germany, South Korea and other international traveling salesman Hannah Dole and Hubei, Chongqing, Guangdong and other major tourist travel business representatives signed a cooperation agreement with the tourist market three. Highlight two: Millennium ancient canal heavy facelift Chuanzihe river is a city of Changde through the "golden belt", is one of Hunan’s four largest river system in Yuanjiang and the first China City Lake "has always been a part of willow lake, as an important channel and the city of Changde water shipping moat. Play an important role in the city more than two thousand years of history. Changde municipal Party committee, municipal government in recent years with the sponge city construction, vigorously remediation of Chuanzihe river water system, the waterway dredging and water treatment, and wearing a purple River to create a series of riparian landscape and theme block, the Chuanzihe river comprehensive purification, landscaping, lighting, the Millennium ancient canal again a glamorous City, has become a new name card of city tourism in Changde city. Highlight three: Tourism Festival opening ceremony beautiful water bus set sail in October 17th held the evening of 2016 Changde Tourism Festival opening ceremony and the inaugural night wearing purple River, beautiful realm will bring the audience into a light and shadow each other, water and human harmony. The opening ceremony and the first voyage around the "River" "ship" and "people" three key words to do the article. The opening ceremony is divided into four chapters, respectively, by the water’s Chuanzihe river street, the old fortification, romantic journey. The inaugural ceremony for the return of Sinan navigation, chant, returning from Wuling, to wear purple River four movements, the use of the ship, lights, fireworks and other elements, combining the Changde culture and the modern mechanical photoelectric technology, including the reduction of the ancient river "," the Peach Garden "," chant Yuanjiang River "and other cultural and artistic impression. To bring the audience a visual feast. After the opening ceremony by the "water bus" along the Chuanzihe river tour, along the 11 km long river will also show the Changde old street, the original king ZheZiXi, Changde Sixian, Liu Haikan Qiao musicals with live performance, lighting effects and other high-tech means, perfect combination of Changde local folk culture and modern science and technology. Create a combination of classical and modern aesthetic. Highlight four: German style street thick exotic city of Changde and the German city of Hannover because of the governance Chuanzihe river and soon, the introduction of Hannover Water Association advanced water management experience at the same time, two city also the other rich cultural heritage exudes charm deeply attracted strong. As a witness to the friendly exchanges between the two cities, the German street is situated on the riverside of the purple river. In order to ensure that the traditional German style, German style street projects are all using the German design team, using the German architectural decoration materials, by the German businesses operate independently, selling products from Germany, show authentic German culture, provide an excellent leisure, tourism, shopping for the general public and tourists, to become a one-stop scenic culture and tourism and business development. The total area of the whole block is about 21 thousand and 500 square meters, the total building area is 47 thousand and 600 square meters, the block is 450 meters long, the width is 50 meters, the monomer building 16, the shop 138. The German professional investment team has successfully introduced German size 58 enterprises, is to discuss the merchant brand a total of 45, covering many fields of food, clothing, electronic products, restaurants and bars, consulting and other cultural activities. The morning of October 18th, held a grand opening ceremony in German street style street, Changde, Hannover two city mayor jointly announced the formal open street German Customs Street, and as the "German window of Hannover exhibition hall" ribbon, the mayor of Hannover also announced the official opening of Hannover German culture week. Highlight five: Chang River Street called the "old Changde" is often called the Chuanzihe river street is located in the East, is the old Changde Yuanjiang side of Mayang street, River Street and River Street as the prototype, on the basis of historical stories, culture, sculpture and antique buildings, build a set of tourism, commercial, cultural and historical memory in the streets of Changde a. Liu Yuxi, Yang Sichang is often called Jie, Shen Congwen, Huang Yongyu and other cultural celebrities nongmo depict the prosperity of the old city in Changde, is the brand of "Qingming festival". In October 18th, Chang River Street merchants opened the prelude, choose the most representative of Changde settled in many memory with the intention of operating businesses, officially opened the street and lay a solid foundation for the 2017 New Year’s day. At the same time also held often intangible cultural heritage performances here in german. It is a collection of national, provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage projects in Changde, including "watching", "listening", "eating" and "playing". Then here you can enjoy Changde Sixian, Changde Flower Drum Opera, Jinghe play, Shimen folk songs, waving dance, nine whip a variety of unique local characteristics of the intangible cultural heritage project performance; can hear the boatman, Lizhou Lishui Lishui, Anxiang local minor ram, song, etc. born in working people’s traditional art; you can eat Leicha, local delicacy and Rice noodles; in the dragon, pottery, wood carvings and traditional arts and entertainment activities can have a try. Highlight six: Chengtoushan ancient ruins "a day through seven thousand years" Chengtoushan represents the development height of the Neolithic ancient civilization of the Yangtze River Basin, compared with as the birthplace of Chinese civilization in the Yellow River basin of ancient civilization, favorably, and earlier. Chengtoushan archaeological achievements, was engraved in Beijing China century altar bronze channel, written into the middle school history textbooks. In 1992 and 1997, the site was evaluated two times as the annual "ten new archaeological discoveries in China". In 1996, the State Council announced as "the national key cultural relic protection unit". In 2001, the "100 major archaeological discoveries of China in twentieth Century" were selected. In 2005, the state was included in the major sites of key protection during the period of "11th Five-Year". The afternoon of October 18th, to participate in the 2016 Changde Tourism Festival guests will inspect the Chengtoushan ancient ruins and museums. If you watch the "dreaming of Chengtoushan" drama performances, you will be our ancestors created the splendid ancient civilization of shock. Chengtoushan ruins of the ancient city of space-time and the modernization of Changde Metro through seven thousand years of continuity, compose a song of the Chinese nation, thriving and prosperous life and growth in nature of the epic, but also a more thriving plain Yuan Li’s bright future. Highlight seven: Changde overseas Chinese town card music world magic temptation "Changde card music world – OCT OCT project in Changde by large recreation project investment group and OCT Group jointly developed, a total investment of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, covers an area of about 536 acres, the construction area of about 50 thousand square meters, designed annual admission of 1 million 800 thousand tourists on behalf of the overseas Chinese town," card "series of brand park. There are four themes in the park, including 10 major theme venues and 12 outdoor entertainment facilities. There will be many patent technologies for amusement equipment, such as the world’s first 360 degree panoramic world theatre, the first domestic time car, movie and TV jump tower, movie and television flying board, solar flying car and so on. The construction of this project also reflects the strength of the development of tourism in our city. Highlight eight: Changde Art Fair about October 18th, large display area 2016 Changde Tourism Festival, the first Changde Art Fair in the old Simon four large area of 6000 square meters of the grand opening. The Art Fair is a feast of Changde art exhibition to create the famous city of painting and calligraphy, excavate the resources of Changde art collection, promote the deep integration of culture and art and tourism, and expand the market of cultural industry. There are six major works of art exhibition and sale. The exhibition covers arts and crafts, stone and jewelry, collectibles, photography, calligraphy and painting, collecting stamps and so on. The exhibits on the Art Expo highlight the distinctive features of "beauty" and "live". Not only is the display of works of art, art lectures, and art appreciation, auction and sale, people can not only enjoy the exquisite art exhibits, see the bustling city of Wuling art spectacular, also let the beautiful art into the homes of ordinary people, cultivate the art appreciation, the influence of city culture.

常德旅游节10月开幕 8大亮点点缀7大活动9月23日,2016常德旅游节新闻发布会在市规划馆隆重举行,包括湖南卫视公共频道、香港商报、大公报、腾讯大湘网等在内的多家知名媒体参与了发布会。2016常德旅游节新闻发布会现场常德市副市长胡丘陵介绍2016常德旅游节情况常德市副市长匡加才接受腾讯·大湘网采访。常德市人民政府副市长胡丘陵;常德市人民政府副市长匡加才;常德市人政府副秘书长程灵敏;常德市旅游外事侨务局党组成员、副局长施才明出席了本次发布会。常德市人民政府副市长胡丘陵在会上讲到:“旅游节作为一个整合旅游资源、宣传旅游产品、推进区域旅游交流合作的重要平台,对常德打响“世外桃源”旅游品牌,塑造“亲亲常德”旅游形象,加快建设国内外知名的休闲度假旅游目的地,具有十分重要意义。”本届常德旅游节由市旅游外侨局、市文体广新局、澧县人民政府、柳叶湖旅游度假区管委会和市经投集团、市城投集团承办,定于9月—11月,在常德市及有关区县市同步举办相关活动。旅游节开幕式将于10月17日晚上8:00在常德河街码头、穿紫河举行。近年来,市委市政府按照“新常德、新创业”的战略部署,大力实施文化旅游战略性产业攻坚三年行动计划,一大批不断推出的城市休闲旅游产品已经或即将面世,常德城市全域旅游已具雏形,“亲亲常德,浪漫之城”的城市休闲旅游品牌形象得到了有效提升。尤其是2015年我们成功举办了常德旅游节和首次承办了湖南国际旅游节,隆重推出了常德欢乐水世界、白鹤小镇、沙滩公园、武陵阁步行城等城市旅游精品。为了更好地营销城市、经营城市,利用旅游活动的聚焦优势,实现包装城市旅游产品、推广城市旅游线路、刺激旅游消费的目标,经市委市政府研究,并报省人民政府批准,决定主办2016常德旅游节。旅游节包括七大主体活动: 1.湖南旅游“金三角”发展峰会。10月17日上午嘉宾报到,下午3:00出席湖南旅游“金三角”发展峰会。峰会将举行湖南旅游“金三角”黄金游线国内外旅行商签约仪式,湖南旅游“金三角”发展高峰论坛等活动。2.2016常德旅游节开幕式暨穿紫河首航夜游。10月17日晚8∶00—10∶00,全体嘉宾出席穿紫河开航仪式,水上巴士统一鸣笛起航,嘉宾乘坐水上巴士,游览穿紫河沿岸夜景,欣赏特色文化演艺节目。3.德国风情街开街。10月18日9:18—10∶30,德国汉诺威市长来常访问,同时举行德国风情街开街仪式,启动常德汉诺威文化交流周、“德国汉诺威之窗展览馆”文化展、汉诺威仪仗秀、日耳曼风情狂欢节、啤酒节、音乐节等活动。4.常德河街开盘。10月18日10:50—11∶50,在常德河街的上南门码头举行常德河街开盘仪式,嘉宾可以一睹刚刚落成的古建筑风采。同时,对2017年元旦正式开街充满期待和想象。5.“七千年城市穿越之旅”城头山古城线路开游。10月18日下午1∶00—4∶30,嘉宾和记者,统一乘车前往澧县城头山景区,感悟城市文化之旅,在城头山出席“涉外参观点”授牌仪式,观赏“梦回城头山”情景剧表演。6.常德华侨城卡乐世界开工。“常德卡乐世界·OCT华侨城” 项目是常德经投集团与华侨城集团共同合作开发的大型游乐项目,总投资约12亿元,占地约536亩,建筑面积约5万平方米,设计年入园游客量180万人次,是华侨城“卡乐”系列品牌公园的代表之作。园区内设计四大主题板块,集旅游度假、高科技魔幻体验互动于一体,包含10座大型主题场馆,12套大型户外游乐设备。游乐设备将有多项专利技术,如世界首创的360度全景天地剧场,国内首创的时光飞车、影视跳楼机、影视飞板、太阳飞车等。这一项目的开工,也体现了我市旅游发展后劲。7.常德艺术博览会(老西门)开展。10月18日下午5∶30—6∶30,全体嘉宾统一乘车前往老西门,在窨子屋、钵子菜博物馆感受常德传统民俗文化;参观常德旅游商品展、工艺美术品展、书画摄影作品展等。除了这七大活动,本次旅游节的亮点也是多多:亮点一:“常德、张家界、湘西州”湖南旅游三大引擎联手“论剑”张家界、湘西是湖南旅游的金字招牌,常德市作为湘西门户,是前往上述两个目的地的必经之路,以其优美的城市环境、完善的配套服务功能成为大湘西旅游集散中心,与张家界、湘西共同构建湖南旅游“金三角”。在10月17日举行的湖南旅游“金三角”发展峰会上,旅游专家将就“金三角”的联合发展展开头脑风暴和激情碰撞。同时,会上三地将联合推出一批精品线路和优惠政策、拟由德国途易、韩国哈拿多乐等国际旅行商和湖北、重庆、广东等重要客源地的旅行商代表将与三地签署客源市场合作协议。亮点二:千年古运河重焕新颜穿紫河是一条贯穿常德城区的“金腰带”,连通湖南四大水系之一的沅江和有“中国城市第一湖”之称的柳叶湖,历来作为常德水上航运的重要通道和城市的护城河的一部分,在常德城两千多年的历史中发挥着举足轻重的作用。常德市委、市政府近年来结合海绵城市建设,大力整治穿紫河水系,实现了水路浚通和水体治理,并在穿紫河两岸打造了一系列的河岸景观和主题街区,使得穿紫河水系全面净化、美化、亮化,千年古运河重新焕发出了光彩照人的新颜,成为常德市城市旅游的又一张新名片。亮点三:旅游节开幕式水上巴士绚丽启航10月17日晚举行的2016常德旅游节开幕式暨穿紫河首航夜游,将带给观众带入一个光与影交相辉映、水与人和谐共存的美好境界。开幕式暨首航围绕“河”“船”“人”三个关键词做文章。开幕式活动共分四个篇章,分别是穿紫渔歌、依水筑城、河街旧事、浪漫之旅。首航仪式分为司南领航、归来的号子、归来的武陵号、情归穿紫河四个动作,利用大船、灯光、烟花等元素,将常德文化与现代机械光电技术结合,还原包括“古河”、“桃花源”、“沅水号子”等文化艺术印象,带给观众一场视听盛宴。在开幕式后乘“水上巴士”沿穿紫河游览中,沿线11公里长的河道两岸还将展现常德老河街原景、折子戏、常德丝弦、刘海砍樵音乐剧等实景演出,配合灯光特效等高科技手法,常德本地民俗文化与现代科技的完美结合,打造一场古典与现代结合的唯美大赏。亮点四:德国风情街浓浓的异国情调常德市与德国汉诺威市因治理穿紫河水系而结缘,在引进汉诺威水协先进的水体治理经验的同时,两个城市也被对方深厚文化积淀散发出的浓厚韵味深深吸引。作为两个城市友好往来的见证,德国风情街就坐落在穿紫河畔。为确保传统德式风格,德国风情街项目全部采用德国设计团队、使用德国建筑装饰材料、由德国商户自主经营、售卖原装德国产品,展现正宗德国文化,为广大市民和游客提供一处绝佳的休闲、旅游、购物场所,成为集文化、旅游、商业于一体的一站式景区。整个街区总用地面积约2.15万平方米,总建筑面积4.76万平方米,街区长约450米,宽约50米,单体建筑16栋,商铺138间。德方专业招商团队已经成功引进德国大小企业58家,正在洽谈的商户品牌共45家,涵盖食品、服装、电子产品、餐饮酒吧、文化活动咨询等多个领域。10月18日上午,在德国风情街举行盛大的开街仪式,常德、汉诺威两市市长共同宣布德国风情街正式开街,并为“德国汉诺威之窗展览馆”剪彩,汉诺威市长同时宣布德国汉诺威文化周正式开启。亮点五:常德河街呼唤“老常德”常德河街位于穿紫河东段,是以老常德沅江边上的麻阳街、大河街和小河街为原型,依据历史故事、文化、雕塑和仿古建筑,打造的集旅游、商业、文化、历史于一身的常德记忆古街。常德河街是刘禹锡、杨嗣昌、沈从文、黄永玉等文化名人浓墨描绘的繁荣兴盛的老常德城,是烙印在常德的“清明上河图”。10月18日,常德河街拉开招商序幕,在众多有意向的经营商家中选择最能代表常德记忆的入驻,为2017年元旦正式开街夯实基础。同时在这里还举行了常德非物质文化遗产展演。是一次常德市“看的”、“听的”、“吃的”、“玩的”国家级、省级、市级非物质文化遗产项目的集中展示荟萃。届时在这里可以欣赏到常德丝弦、常德花鼓戏、荆河戏、石门山歌、摆手舞、九子鞭等多种独具地方特色的非遗文化表演项目;可以听到澧水船工号子、澧州夯歌、澧水地方小调、安乡硪歌等诞生于劳动人民之间的传统艺术;可以吃到擂茶、米粉等地方美食;还有板龙灯、陶艺、木雕等传统技艺和娱乐活动可以一试身手。亮点六:城头山古城遗址“一天穿越七千年”城头山遗址代表了长江流域新石器时代古文明的发展高度,与素称中华文明摇篮的黄河流域古文明相比,毫不逊色,而且时间更早。城头山的考古发掘成果,被镌刻在北京中华世纪坛青铜通道,写进了大、中学的历史教科书。1992年和1997年,该遗址先后两次评为年度“中国十大考古新发现”。1996年,国务院公布为“全国重点文物保护单位”。2001年,入选“中国二十世纪100项考古大发现”。2005年被国家列入“十一五”期间重点保护的大遗址。10月18日下午,参加2016常德旅游节的嘉宾将现场考察城头山古城遗址和博物馆。如果您观赏了“梦回城头山”情景剧表演,您一定会被先民们创造的辉煌灿烂的远古文明震撼不已。城头山古城遗址与常德现代化新城穿越七千年的时空延续,共同谱写了一曲中华民族生生不息、繁荣昌盛的壮丽史诗,也昭示着沅澧平原更加欣欣向荣的美好未来。亮点七:常德华侨城卡乐世界魔幻诱惑“常德卡乐世界•OCT华侨城” 项目是常德经投集团与华侨城集团共同合作开发的大型游乐项目,总投资约12亿元,占地约536亩,建筑面积约5万平方米,设计年入园游客量180万人次,是华侨城“卡乐”系列品牌公园的代表之作。园区内设计四大主题板块,集旅游度假、高科技魔幻体验互动于一体,包含10座大型主题场馆,12套大型户外游乐设备。游乐设备将有多项专利技术,如世界首创的360度全景天地剧场,国内首创的时光飞车、影视跳楼机、影视飞板、太阳飞车等。这一项目的开工,也体现了我市旅游发展后劲。亮点八:常德艺术博览会蔚为大观10月18日,2016常德旅游节首届常德艺术博览会将在老西门四个大区共6000平方米的超大展示区隆重揭幕。此次艺术博览会是为创建书画名城,挖掘常德市艺术收藏品资源,促进文化艺术与旅游深度融合,开拓文化产业市场而推出的常德艺术博览盛宴。博览会共有六大项艺术品展示与销售,展出品类涵盖了工艺美术、奇石珠宝、收藏品、摄影、书画、集邮等。此次艺术博览上的展品突出“美”、“活”的鲜明特征。不仅有艺术品的展示、艺术讲座,还有艺术品的鉴赏、拍卖与销售,老百姓不仅可以观赏到精美的艺术展品,看尽武陵城的繁华艺术盛景,同时也让美好的艺术品进入寻常百姓家,培养了艺术鉴赏力,熏陶了城市文化品位。相关的主题文章: