The 21 year old suspect wearing handcuffs wearing No. clothing to escape arrest when the hands have

The 21 year old suspect wearing handcuffs wearing No. clothing to escape arrest when the hands have no handcuffs – Sohu China Daily Health News News suspects arrested (reporter Wang Peimin) to identify the scene after wearing handcuffs wearing No. clothing escaped suspects Ke Xi yesterday at 3:40 in the afternoon, thousands of miles away in Hubei, Wuchang Railway Station was arrested, his hand has not the handcuffs. Excuse to turn after the toilet wall escape on October 20th in the afternoon at 5:20 PM, on suspicion of theft of motorcycles by Ke Xi Zhushan County of Hubei province 2 police to the city of Shaanxi province Hanbin District Health town to identify the scene, after Ke Xi actually wore handcuffs wearing No. clothing escape. Ke Xi Department of Zhenping county was the home town people, 21 years old this year. According to insiders, the day of the incident after Kosiron identify the scene, said to the toilet solution: the police escort, opened the Ke Xi hand cuffs, let it in a small roadside toilet is convenient, but more than 10 minutes to see him out, the police went to see people missing he climbed over the wall to escape, found the toilet after. To search after the fruit, the sky was black, 2 Zhushan police escorted to Ankang City Public Security Bureau Hanbin branch informed of the case, the request for assistance. Subsequently, several Zhushan police have also rushed to the health, public security assistance in Hanbin branch launched a comprehensive investigation on the work, and through local media issued a reward of 50 thousand yuan. When the hand has been arrested by the police without handcuffs because the case of Zhushan County investigation, investigation to Zhushan police. In the first 2 days, the Public Security Bureau Hanbin dispatched more than 50 police officers, of the incident surrounding the station, dock and night patrol, also called the train station, bus station surveillance video for Zhushan police inspection. According to the health of the police insiders, Zhushan police in the course of a large number of video screening, found a clue in the surveillance video of the well-being of East bus station. Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter from Zhushan County Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade responsible person was informed yesterday at 3:40 in the afternoon, the suspect arrested in Wuchang Railway Station Ke xi. It is reported that at this time he also has a false identity, but the hand has no handcuffs. As for how the handcuffs off, the police are investigating. Shaanxi Saigao senior lawyer Deng Jianjun believes that the motorcycle theft case if the circumstances are not serious, the suspect’s sentencing are not too heavy, there may be sentenced to probation, but to identify the scene to escape, the court will no doubt from the weight penalty, the possibility of probation is almost gone.相关的主题文章: