The 18 line of college student organizations selling guns won 120 million shot in the anti-theft doo musiland

The 18 line of college student organizations selling guns won 120 million shot in the original title: anti-theft door Junior 18 line selling guns won the 1 million 200 thousand fire can penetrate the anti-theft door according to the new evening news reported on November 4th, Heilongjiang Province, Qigihar police has broken up the network trafficking of firearms, gun traffickers are Harbin Songbei Junior Wu Wei. He has 18 line agents, first half sales of 1 million 200 thousand yuan. Data figure survey starting point: WeChat sell guns: 1000 yuan a winter last year, the Qigihar police investigation found that a network called "lightning man" in the circle of friends and WeChat QQ group openly sell guns. There are thousands of gun photos and videos in the "QQ" space. "Flash" business is good, every day capital income, he generally through the QQ or WeChat to communicate with buyers, a shotgun priced at 1000 yuan to 2500 yuan, a spear price of 4500 yuan. "Lightning man" sold the gun model is very complete, but he does not produce firearms. "Flash" is just the middleman, do gun by the people of Hongkong a few line, and from southern province. On the line directly to the parts of these guns in the form of delivery to the buyers "flash", after the receipt of the goods, the "flash" to provide video for assembly buyers in the video under the guidance of buyers to a step by step assembled into a complete gun. As a middleman, a shotgun "flash" from the price of three hundred or four hundred yuan, an increase of 1000 to 2000 yuan a. Police tracking: the core of the huge gun trafficking grid is: a college student in Songbei, who is the lightning man? Through further tracking, police found "flash" is actually a Harbin is a university in Songbei junior student Wu Wei, his hometown in Qigihar. He not only sell their guns, but also the development of the two line wholesalers, the formation of a "flash" as middlemen huge network Fanqiang, his superior agent has 42 people, more than and 20 provinces and cities across the country, his agent line 18, line number of buyers more throughout all parts of the country. In a buyer hand of Zhao Dong of Dalian, the police found a super large HK50 Condor air gun, it hit the lead bullets, the gun Zhaodong is spent 4500 yuan from the "flash" bought. After technical identification, the gun muzzle kinetic energy reached 122 joules. This gun has a gas tank, pressure gauge, mirror, and muffler. Generally speaking, it can easily breakdown household anti-theft door within 50 meters. Why sell guns? In June this year, Qigihar police in Harbin Songbei a school find is the junior Wu Wei. 24 year old Wu Wei’s family conditions are not good, his father died, his mother’s monthly income of less than $2000. Wu Wei said that in the university campus, he saw the students are using high-end smart phones and other electronic products, who are wearing brand-name, entertainment consumption is also frequent, he felt his first class. In order to face, in order to better life can lead the students, he began to rush into danger. He liked the gun, Kay相关的主题文章: