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Ten city drive | XiaMen Railway Station and TianJin Railway Station, comment young Simba say – Sohu November 4th – November 5th, two days of the ten city fourth test stations officially opened, how the young Simba in the XiaMen Railway Station and TianJin Railway Station? Listen to the scene of what they say. "This coastal city of Xiamen in every season of beauty do not have charm, even the autumn and the winter, on both sides of the road is still trees, we drove through the red small Simba in the street, the collision color distinct, like a beautiful picture." "City flower half rock, 10000 green hills embrace the sea. Driving a small Simba in the city of Xiamen "sea garden", a full range of security that allowed us to feel comfortable walking and enjoy the scenery along the road, comfortable feeling, gave me a great surprise." "Tianjin is known as the" World Architecture Museum "," Tianta spin cloud "said the Tianjin radio and television tower is 415.2 meters high, as the world’s third, the highest in asia. The same strength near the body of Little Simba in Tianjin excellent show their "Yan" material "jià value;"." "To Tianjin, certainly will not miss goubuli. Of course, drive small Simba’s business trip, Little Simba are "material" interior bring comfort and snacks brought enjoyment of taste is my biggest harvest this drive." Listen to them so much, Little Simba moments, please look at the picture the scene: (picture can slide to the left) ten city fourth test stand perfect ending, the next station will last conducted in November 11th and November 12th, the north south line site are the Dongguan Railway Station and XiAn Railway Station, the glory of · you will have a blooming trip how wonderful, look forward to it ~ today’s topic reading this push, what are you doing? Let’s talk about it.相关的主题文章: