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Telecommunications fraud how to judge? Send 5 thousand messages can be punished by Nanfang Daily reporter Dai Xiaoxiao Hong Yiyi Liu Wen Xiao Xiong, the Yellow River Guannan photo Chen Guang and Cui Liang (a pseudonym) is 90, white people in Maoming. Starting in June 2013, the Yellow River pulled Zhong Pei, Chen Guang, and a few of them together to "do business" – "guess who I am," who is in". 4 division of labor: responsible for a number of special training bell call "thugs", borrow money from relatives and friends posing as the owner of the machine; the main section, the Yellow River is arranged "card hand" withdrawals, Chen assistance. Money seems to come easily. Just 5 months, a few of them successfully lured 14 victims of more than 100 thousand yuan. On the day of September 4th, the "hatchet man" to correct a large sum of money, the victim Jiang believe guess who will give them tricks, one-time transfer 170 thousand yuan. That night, 4 people are excited about the exception. They may not know that this huge amount of money will make their sentences longer. Guess who is me, this is the most appropriated by the Maoming electric telephone fraud, put a lot of people are confused in quite a long period of time, including the later evolved "I am your leadership" trick, also very confused. In September 22 Japanese newspaper reported "suspicious phone spam messages why" no stopping "secret of the lawless pseudo base techniques such as bulk SMS, then send the number of SMS fraud, dial telephone fraud, involving many reach, can be punished? If the mass of a lot of fraud information did not cheat money, whether this case can also be prosecuted for criminal responsibility? For the above topics, Nanfang Daily reporter launched an investigation. Telecommunications fraud how much money will go to jail? Found 170 thousand yuan overnight was swept away, Jiang learned cheated immediately after the report, the following year in January, the Yellow River, Chen Guanghe Cui Liang was arrested by public security organs. According to the case concluded, the Yellow River principal suspected of the crime amount is 226800 yuan, jailed in five years and six months; Chen relates to the amount of crime 198500 yuan, jailed in two years and six months; Cui Liang relates to the crime amount 198300 yuan, although it is still an accomplice, jailed in two years and six months. Telecommunications fraud cases how sentencing? According to our interpretation of the "criminal law" and "the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues concerning the specific application of law in criminal cases of fraud" (hereinafter referred to as "judicial interpretation") regulations, fraud 3000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan, identified as the "large amount", three years of fixed-term imprisonment; 30 thousand yuan to defraud more than 100 thousand yuan, with 500 thousand yuan, or other serious circumstances, identified as "huge amount", more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years; fraud more than 500 thousand yuan, or other especially serious circumstances, identified as "huge amount", at ten years imprisonment or life imprisonment. According to the crime rate, around the introduction of telecommunications fraud sentencing standards, Guangdong province is divided into three levels: fraud conviction standard of 6000 yuan to 100 thousand yuan can sentencing to 3 years, 100 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan fraud sentencing 3 to 10 years, more than 500 thousand yuan fraud can sentencing 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment or life imprisonment. This means that as long as the fraud 60.相关的主题文章: