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Tanzania | if only to a follow the call of the wild African Sohu tourism writer Bi Shumin in the book "thirty thousand" in the preface in Africa had asked myself: why should I go to Africa? I used to ask myself. There is no specific answer, only a strong intuition: if you do not go, I would like to regret it for life! Thank you, strong, simple and warm to the people almost lost the thought and speech of Tanzania, you are so wild, it is so gentle… We walked into Tanzania… Kilimanjaro KILIMANJARO overlooking your snow mileage records: starting from Beijing, on Air China flight CA869, about 11 hours to Addisababa transit, and then take the Ethiopia Airlines flight ET8150, to about 4 hours, arrived at Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania; continue to travel by car about 2 hours, arrive at Kilimanjaro National Park (Ma Lan valley line entrance). More than an hour on the way, the gradual completion of the psychological "through" and "arrival" – so that all the senses are slowly starting, really into Tanzania. The roadside village was painted pink, green house, head of large bundles of banana or full of goods basket and basket, leisurely walk in the beautiful clothes of the woman on the road…… in front of all, anywhere and memories of the past, are so different, not only because of landform and vegetation differences, Tanzania fields more simple, more wild, there is an unvarnished vitality splendor and calm naked…… it is a "see you" feeling, the vast wilderness over bushes dotted, distant Kilimanjaro serene stands in the afternoon sun, the clouds have a cover of snow covered mountain, faintly visible the area is not large. It is vigorous and solemn, because it bears too much legend and look forward to. The highway is also simple, the speed is not fast, along the way, to see the thin slender, wearing a red striped cloth "beam card" (Masai traditional clothing) Marseille man grazing in the fields, there are people bathing in the pond, slow, lazy, beside the absence of people, also ignored time…… their home is twigs and cow dung built cylindrical pointed small house, tiny spots scattered in the grassland, shrub between. The tree phoenix flowers at the right moment, coffee plantations and large corn field abundance serene, the speed of time and the passing way seems to be changing, a reminder: This is Africa, here is Tanzania. From the Ma Lan Valley not far from the door, the first successful ascent of the German photographer Hans · Meyer monument stands silent, he in October 5, 1889, becoming the first base, the highest point of the conquest of Kilimanjaro Mountain warrior. Arusha ARUSHA & SAFARI and safari; from here back to the local mileage: starting from Arusha, take the cruiser westward about 150 kilometers, arrived at Engeluoen ran about 2.5 hours相关的主题文章: