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"Tang Xuan Zang" will represent the mainland "flushes Austria" starring Huang Xiaoming – Beijing in the film circle is discussed in the end of the report "I am not Pan Jinlian" "Yangtze River map" "old gun", or "roadside picnic", get the latest news reporters yesterday, starring Huang Xiaoming "don Xuan Zang" will Chinese on behalf of the mainland to participate in the best foreign language film Oscar award. The three participating Chinese films selected "Tang Xuanzang" is the National Day holiday for Oscar, the film directed by Huo Jianqi, starring Huang Xiaoming, in April this year in the domestic release, tells the story of Tang Xuanzang to overcome a difficult road, eventually arriving in India meditation xiufo story. Prior to this, the domestic reputation of outstanding old gun children, the Yangtze River map were once favored to become the best foreign language film Oscar candidates on behalf of the mainland. The "Tang Xuanzang" can win, to make a surprise. Because, the film’s box office and word of mouth is not too good, in the watercress network score of only 5.1 points. The reporter also learned that, in accordance with the best foreign language film Oscar rules, including "the Mekong River action", "I am not Pan Jinlian" because there is no film before September 30th had at least seven days business show, so no participation in the final competition places. In addition to "Tang Xuanzang", in addition to two representative Chinese films to participate in the competition are representative of "riding" for Hongkong and China blood on behalf of the Taiwan area of the China "as long as I grow up". Many industry insiders admitted that Oscar also missed the top nine list in the last little harvest countless praise the Assassin "Nie concealed woman" situation, the three Chinese films is difficult to have the opportunity to break through the tight encirclement. Germany and France sent the strongest lineup as of press time last night, more than 80 countries and regions to participate in the submission of best foreign language film Oscar for the film, called the history of the most intense competition for best foreign language film Oscar. As a best foreign language film Oscar, Italy chose the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival winner of the "sea flame" competition, the French public opinion chose Paul Verhoeven? And Isabella? Huppert together to create a "she" as a representative. At the Cannes Film Festival, the harvest praise "Toni odman?" it is logical to become the representative of Germany, the film is also known as the Oscar of the popular next year. South American movies in the eye-catching performance this year last year, Golden Lion Award winner "from afar", this year’s Venice Film Festival topic "outstanding citizen" is no accident has become the representative of Venezuela and Argentina in Cannes, the harvest a lot of praise "hunt Neruda" also became the seed of chile. Reporter Ceng Shixiang相关的主题文章: