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Taiwan media said the mainland college students for business class: 25 yuan a day and intermediary Reference News Network November 10th Taiwan media reported that many college students love school, a kind of business opportunities will appear in the mainland, to the class for the students, for a class of about 25 yuan, for the class and students. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on November 9th, in the mainland social platform, there are many "for class" or "substitute" as the key word of college students group, each group or hundreds of thousands of people, people will demand for class message in the group, respondents are usually private chat the discussion. A deal. Reported that, as the class is mainly to "sign". The longer the class time, the higher the cost of physical education can also run on behalf of the class, if there are assignments, quizzes and other charges. College students looking for more classes for physical education, physical examination or the number of classes in a large class, teachers and students of such courses are not familiar with. The reason for looking for the class, is that these lessons are not important, want to give up time. Reported that, because optimistic about the market, as well as people start for the class of intermediaries, arrange relevant resources, and then earn the difference between the cost of demand and for the class. A lesson for the students, the teacher will not find, if the teacher was found to be false, is not my responsibility". In recent years, mainland students for cheating in the exam, to find a gunman, pay attention to the University in the United States, these students even expelled. Hongkong Phoenix TV programmes had been analyzed, many mainland students to study at home with the habits of overseas, that means some small harmless, but Europe and the United States attaches great importance to the integrity of the University, students are not aware of a serious mistake.相关的主题文章: