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Sweater, personality beautiful sexy slim, elegant and beautiful! Sohu very stylish atmosphere of a set of two pieces of coat, the version is quite good-looking, street, travel, meeting, leisure afternoon tea, a number of occasions are suitable for wearing, but people do not pick, or you can wear Macarons color Baseball Jacket, tender color, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind clear. Color stand collar, low-key color is not pressed candy color brilliance, only details of the effort. Rounded corners of the small pocket, the design is very cute, very doll. Space cotton texture, profile is very good looking, warm effect is also very good oh. The new autumn and winter new large size loose knit cardigan girls long coat sweater in long cardigan, · length is about 100cm, tall MM for Oh ~ classic type, simple and comfortable special design of G4 new summer new sexy ladies flounced Strapless sweater collar + bag hip skirt suit tail fan with a sense of a sweater ~ baggy version is simply the heart of love! The upper part of the body is really comfortable to wear thin ~ cover thin, fat in meat! Is so domineering fan letters ~ chest printing, double sense of fashion! Loose sleeve type, upper body will not appear rigid! The yarn recommended ~ super soft waxy feel super invincible warm emerald green sweater sleeves plush velvet greatly is to give you special warm feeling of emerald green special western style special aura overall feeling and Hepburn taste of elegance for TA collocation skill is also invincible is collocation on jeans or the wool the pants are very fashionable to wear this knitted vest elegant yet big sense. Although it is knitted, but it is not the kind of sticky sweat of the kind of knitting. The process, in order to make such a threaded texture, uses multi stitch mixed wool knit, spent a lot of time and effort, out of effect is very satisfactory, the price is high, the summer air conditioning room from the van. Collocation words suggest that light color collocation slim trousers, jeans or baggy pants. But it is only suitable for thin clothes ~ MM oh!相关的主题文章: