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Health Of course, especially not when cost is a factor in the Westernized countries, and laws do not offer sufficient protection to intended parents, it may not always be that simple. However, people are without options is not the implication. Numerous benefits are offered by surrogacy abroad in India. Intended parents actually receive protection, from a legal perspective. It is far more affordable to pay a surrogate, all of her medical care, and living expenses (if necessary) in India than in many other countries around the world, from a financial perspective. This is the reason surrogate mothers in India are very famous. Surrogacy in India is very affordable. On average, including the cost of the surrogate, and the medical care is the surrogacy cost in India, that is, $12,000. In the US and other Western countries, this is approximately 1/6th of the cost. The intended parents are protected by laws in India, and do not grant any rights to the surrogate parents. Medical care is .parable to the US. While providing for their families financially, there are a variety of surrogates to choose from as Indian women who don’t work love the idea of family, and are happy to carry a pregnancy. As they have extensive experience, India is well-equipped to provide surrogacy services. A $445-million per year industry has been estimated by experts and economists about this industry. Since 2002, .mercial surrogacy has been legal in the country, and the country managed 1,500 surrogate births in one year alone (2010). To people of all backgrounds, surrogacy in India is available. To use a surrogate, many Western countries don’t allow single parents or gay couples. Surrogacy Process in India You are well-organized and prepared is ensured before traveling to India, otherwise you could find that you encounter a legal headache. Make sure that you: Know that to bring your child back into the country, what you will need – to prove the parentage of the child, sometimes a DNA test is required. Other times, it is effective simply having a passport issued for the child. When returning to your home country from India, make sure you know what will be required of you. Otherwise, you may .e to know that your is greatly delayed! With a quality surrogacy agency, make sure you’re working – .plete thorough screening, and help to make all medical and living arrangements, a good agency will help you find a surrogate. During the interim of the pregnancy, this can allow you to return home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: