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Subway + Mobell bicycle into Hushang new mode of bicycle travel as a new type of malicious damage cited concerns about the solution of city traffic to the last mile, as the representative of the network about Mobell bicycle bicycle rapid development, in the streets of Shanghai is whipped up a whirlwind ride. But the recent frequent technical failures and malicious damage to the vehicle, embezzlement and other issues, also let people suspect, v-mobile can get rid of the previous public bicycle bicycle "hot and cold" ending, undertake the social expect more. In this regard, v-mobile team responsible person said, at this stage, they will focus on Cultivating City in Shanghai as the representative of the service, optimization. Not blind pursuit of speed. Listen to the report: at present, in the rush hour of the urban area of Shanghai, what kind of transportation is the fastest? Now many people may give the answer: the subway Jiamobai bicycle. Ride the bike over there and then stop there, and then someone else can go on with it. With this line less than half a year of public bicycle project, the rapid growth of users, once the technical problems, the impact is also growing. For example, this month to 19, six in the evening to 20, 1 in the morning, in Shanghai and Beijing Mobell cycling system was paralyzed, the emergence of a large area of the bike can not be closed to the fee issue after the lock in the APP display, and the poor can not unlock, triggered a. The next few days, the system is still a small problem. Mobell bicycle CEO Wang Xiaofeng said the system will continue to improve, but these technical problems with the mobile phone base station signals. A sudden increase in a region of a lot of mobile users, causing the entire network congestion, we found some pseudo base station, will interfere with the signal. One is in the Qibao of the subway station, and Wanda Plaza in Baoshan. Vehicle is improper use, or even malicious damage, but also Mobell, yellow car project is currently a very troublesome problem. Mobell bike is stolen, some are picking up trash away sold waste station. There are people who put their bikes in their homes for private use. In addition, some of the dark and black round, feel that their business is Mobell robbed, the two-dimensional code on Mobell off or painted black. Reporters interviewed in the subway station, a black tricycle driver admitted that his business is now less than half. Business is not good to do, less than half, you said I sent at least seven pieces of eight, you ride a car as long as a dollar, which you choose? Network about the bottleneck in the face of the bike at the same time, has also been given more expectations. Shanghai district will push the public bicycle project, but now many vehicles rusty, bookstalls. Public tour Mr. asked, can integrate resources, so that these vehicles can also make an appointment through APP? [key to this car mobile phone can be swept away to find ah, like a taxi drops, inside the bike, but also to borrow a fixed place, very convenient, and now for a long time, rusty, riding up the heavy. Another big expectation is the city’s riding environment. Hu said the public, she felt that Shanghai has been in the non motorized vehicles to change lanes, now is the time to change back. In fact, I feel the rain相关的主题文章: