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Subversion OTA? He wants to do is education, sharing accommodation market – Sohu, science and technology paper B12 Gao Mengyang from hatching ants short rent to the establishment, piggy rent short, Chen Chi always carefully with a purpose, complete subversion of the Tradition Hotel. Now, this distance is shortened again. November 2nd, announced the completion of the pig C+ and D round of financing, totaling $65 million. Founded 4 years, the pig has been recognized by investors continued to connect the domestic cities of the 100 thousand sets of housing, with 5 million active users. But Chen Chi felt that the pig could not be said to have taught the market today, "we just proved that the logic was established.". "Although we have leveraging the part of the landlord, penetration of a part of the city, but the user, the incremental market is still very great. 2016, after years of barbaric growth, short rental market ushered in a wave of consolidation of the industry. The way home in the market continue to take cities and seize territory first acquisition of ants short rent, in October 20th, Ctrip announced the integration of internal apartments, pension business in the domestic market; before Airbnb in Chinese difficult market layout also accelerated, as of October 29th, Airbnb has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the 4 City home, and at the same time with the Chinese Tourism Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation memorandum. In the outside world, the situation is not optimistic about the pig. However, Chen Chi did not agree. In the future, if the core of the economy as the core of the non standard accommodation volume and user size can exceed the traditional hotel, of course, will affect the business of OTA. Chen Chi believes that the short rental industry did not go to the stage of internal competition, the final short rental platform facing competition, largely to compete with OTA. "Who really has the money and the team has the method, in the supply chain and the brand finally touches the consumer, and is used by more consumers, this market must be his". And Chen Chi hopes that the education market is a pig. A pig in 2016, ushered in a brand of self transformation. In June this year, as the pig short rent CEO, Chen Chi decided to rent short pig in the "short rent" has been removed, officially changed its name to the pig, slogan from "human" to "living accommodation liberalism". Then in August 2nd, the four anniversary of the establishment of the pig, the introduction of a new pig image, Chen Chi announced that the future development of the pig will achieve brand IP. The opponent was busy doing capital operation in the market, actively expand the listing of a pig, sticking to start on the high tone. Today, the user’s access, is no longer a simple online drainage can be done, in the end, access to the user is bound to occupy the user’s mind on the brand. Chen Chi said that the essence of business in the final analysis is the experience of the problem, the user does not care about what is the share of the economy, they want to live in a home even more comfortable than the house. "We hope that the landlord can provide high quality services, rather than cheap, low level of service.相关的主题文章: