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Su Weibin debut " ": perfect the system of interrogation; dragon "urgent ability objectively, we this year’s performance is not very good." Su Weibin probably did not expect, he took over as general manager of the Shenlong Automobile Co. Ltd., the first public face of the media when faced with such sharp questions. "It’s a fact, and I’d like to talk to you." Data show that the first eight months of this year, DPCA has sold 359 thousand and 700 cars in China, only completed 46.7% of the annual target. "Compared with the past two years, the Shenlong Automobile indeed is not a small decline." Su Weibin frankly, he also analyzed the reasons for the decline in sales, the biggest reason is that the product mix and channel system has been unable to keep up with the market demand." Su Weibin further explained that in the past two years, there are more than 10% of the growth of DPCA every year, but synchronized with the internal system, manufacturing development, channel construction is not, especially the ability to dealers there have been some problems, not profit and operation ability." Inventory is the root of all evil, for this kind of statement is recognized in the industry, Su Weibin. In his view, the stock is high, the dealer will naturally be relatively large pressure, not good enough to run a natural thing. Therefore, to enhance the dealer’s operating capacity and inventory reduction is an urgent matter to be solved. However, the number of Peugeot and Citroen dealers add up to nearly one thousand, to allow the ability to upgrade the collective 1000 dealers, take some time." In the product, Su Weibin said, the Dragon past many products on the market demand to grasp some slow". In contrast, the layout of Citroen products did not keep up with the rhythm of the situation is more obvious, so the performance of the market compared with Dongfeng Peugeot is also ‘worse’ some." The executive deputy general Jimmy Curran, DPCA today is the most important thing is to accelerate product launch. On September 7th off the assembly line of Dongfeng Peugeot 4008 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), the dragon has high hopes. "We expect the 4008 to pass a voice, that is the dragon is to change the past" not ride on the "brand image, actively looking for the rhythm of the market, to launch new products to meet consumer demand." Mai Keran wants to start 4008 as the Dragon transformation "follower" image, by this product to become the industry leader. According to reports, in order to meet China customer needs, based on the European version of the 4008 3008 Dongfeng Peugeot extension 55cm, power all chose the turbo, and especially to increase the knee space, and according to the needs of young consumers of mobile Internet technology with the most advanced ADAS system before driving along intelligence. On the basis of good positioning, we will seriously consider pricing." Of course, just rely on a product is not enough. It is reported that the dragon’s factory in Chengdu will launch two new models next year, in addition to several of the models are in the process of planning. In addition to speed up the launch of new products and sales promotion, the Dragon this year and did not give up the plan 5A+. According to the plan, DPCA to achieve the quality level in 2018 before entering the industry in 2020 three, the pursuit of the first, the sales of more than 100 billion yuan, pay more attention to.相关的主题文章: