Students are cleaning staff picked up the bicycle wheel for each cable 100 yuan yvette yates

Students are cleaning staff picked up the bicycle wheel for each cable hundred original title: the owner took a cleaner process for the University in Xi’an recently, small Teng accidentally a bicycle wheel thrown on the roadside, picked up the wheel cleaner to 100 yuan "hard money" approach made him very unhappy. The owner said the cleaning staff initially proposed to 200 yuan in September 9th, small Teng bicycled into Qinling Mountains to play in the afternoon when down, his eyes into the foreign body, so he rode out after Feng Meiyukou he called a taxi, ready to check to the hospital. Small Teng said he would split the bike to the taxi trunk, hurried in one wheel on the roadside to forget. Shortly after he left the taxi, he realized that he had lost a wheel. After ten minutes, he returned to the place where he got on the bus. Small Teng by asking that the wheels were picked up by a cleaner. Subsequently, a small Teng to the rest of the cleaning staff to find, when the cleaners have been off. Small Teng expensive bike, the early morning of the second day he again to find Feng Meiyukou, he picked up the wheel cleaner. The cleaning staff said that he did pick up the wheel, if you want to return the wheel, you must give 200 yuan hard". Subsequently, in the crowd said, cleaning staff is willing to accept 100 yuan for the wheel, but small Teng refused to $100. This makes the little Teng to accept, so he called the police, but the police said that it does not belong to the jurisdiction of the police, I hope the two sides through consultation. 50 yuan to take wheel cleaner is small Teng believes that if the cleaners do not take the initiative to ask for money, he will give some money to thank the cleaners, but the cleaners "not money not also wheel" to threaten him, which makes him very disgusted. The alarm failed, small Teng again communicate with the cleaning staff, this time he shot using a mobile phone under the process for the wheel. According to the small Teng video display, negotiations with small Teng a man and the cleaning staff wear with a woman in red, the man hands holding a bicycle wheel, alongside a few cleaners onlookers. Video, small Teng proposed to cleaning staff 50 yuan for the return wheel. Red woman replied, you give the old man 100 yuan, the old man is also poor, had to be $200, we give you talk to the $100 even if it is not to say to the old man 100 yuan, he would still be on the mountain cleaning." And the hand of the wheel cleaning staff also said, is not good to give you 100 yuan, or do not want to bring you the wheels." Small Teng said he was a student, I hope the cleaning staff kindly put the wheel back to him, he also handed over to 50 yuan. Cleaning staff said, was originally 200 yuan, now as long as $100, you are not willing to give up." At the end of the video, the small Teng once again handed 50 yuan to the cleaners, cleaning staff to hide the side of the said, to the right of 100 yuan." End of this video. Small Teng told China Daily reporter, because of ineffective communication he has "their illegal behavior" and "also wheel alarm" threat cleaner. Finally, the cleaning staff did not want to return the wheel to him. Reporters yesterday tried 6相关的主题文章: