Stoddart, a Nobel Prize winner, is a part-time professor at the Tianjin University – the Zhejiang

The Nobel laureate Stoddart is a part-time professor of Tianjin University — Zhejiang channel — the original title of the people’s Web: the Nobel laureate Stoddart is the day of the 2016 Nobel prize in chemistry, and is also a happy day for the teachers and students of Tianjin University School of medicine. The State Bureau of foreign experts thousands of short-term plan winners, the college professor Fraser Stoddart? Shared the Nobel prize in chemistry, because it made in the aspect of "molecular machinery" research contributions by the recognition and attention of the world. In March 22, 2013, Professor Stoddart, the first foreign director of the Tianjin University and Jay? Seagal, the dean of the school of medicine, invited Professor Stoddart for the first time to visit Tian da. "Professor Stoddart very love big atmosphere, decided to work here," Tianjin University School of medicine Secretary Feng Cuiling recalled the scene still fresh, "he returned to the United States, at the airport and President Seagal on the phone, hoping to get his three" disciple "to the big day." Under the efforts of the school of pharmacy, the three core scientists of Professor Stoddart, Mark A. Olson, Su Jihao and Luo Jiayan, have been selected as the national "1000 person plan" young talents. Among them, Luo Jiayan worked at the Tianjin University Institute of chemical technology, Mark A. Olson, Su Jihao in the school of medicine continues to follow Stoddart engaged in related research of supramolecular machine ". In July 2014, Stoddart employed became a professor at the Tianjin University School of medicine, every year in the school for 2 months. In September, he began to open a course for the college students. At present, Professor Stoddart has been formally put into use at the laboratory of the school of medicine, and its research team has already carried out research. In March 3rd this year, he won the Stoddart "installation fee of $500 thousand donated to the big school of medicine, has set up a" Stoddart development fund ", hoping to recruit more talents to the school engaged in the work of molecular research. Stoddart said, "a man’s life is full of all kinds of harvest and giving, and he has been lucky to have reaped a lot in the past, and is happy to have a chance to give it." He was pleased to put on the school as a donation gift, as he prepares for the finery. Seagal said that he and Stoddart most consistent idea is that students are the most important part of University education.

诺奖得主斯托达特是天津大学兼职教授–浙江频道–人民网 原标题:诺奖得主斯托达特是天津大学兼职教授 2016年诺贝尔化学奖揭晓的日子,也是天津大学药学院师生非常开心的日子。他们的国家外专局千人短期计划入选者、该学院教授弗雷泽?斯托达特分享了诺贝尔化学奖,因其在“分子机械”研究方面做出的贡献而受到表彰和世界瞩目。 2013年3月22日,受天津大学首位外裔“洋院长”、药学院院长杰伊?西格尔邀请,斯托达特教授首次访问天大。“斯托达特教授非常喜欢天大的氛围,决定来这里工作,”天津大学药学院书记冯翠玲回忆当时的情景仍记忆犹新,“他返回美国前,在机场和西格尔院长通了电话,希望把他的三位‘弟子’带到天大。” 在药学院的努力下,斯托达特教授科研团队的核心成员――Mark A. Olson、苏纪豪、罗加严这三位青年科学家,都已入选国家“千人计划”青年人才。其中,罗加严在天津大学化工学院工作,Mark A. Olson、苏纪豪在药学院继续跟随斯托达特从事“超分子机器”相关研究。 2014年7月,斯托达特受聘成为天津大学药学院教授,每年在学院工作2个月。9月,他开始面向学院本硕博学生开设课程。目前,斯托达特教授在药学院的实验室已正式投入使用,其科研团队已经开展研究工作。 今年3月3日,斯托达特把他获得的“安家费”50万元全部捐献给了天大药学院,设立了“斯托达特发展基金”,希望延揽更多的人才来校从事合成分子研究工作。斯托达特说:“人的一生充满各种收获和给予,自己在过去很幸运地收获了很多,也乐于有机会给予。”他现场高兴地换上了学院作为捐赠纪念礼物,为他准备的华服。西格尔说,他和斯托达特最一致的观念是,学生是大学教育中最重要的部分。相关的主题文章: