Stamping Foils The New Age Tool For Brand Marketing And Security-t420s

Business Shriram Solutions Veritech Pvt Ltd is one of the pioneer stamping foils manufacturers in India. Stamping Foils also referred as hot stamping, foil printing, dry stamping and leaf stamping is a new age printing innovation. Stamping Foils provides your product an edge from the display perspective, the 3D look of stamping foils makes it highly appealing and has become an integral part of the packaging or exterior design of every FMCG product. Stamping Foils are also used for security purpose as well since they are very effective in establishing whether a product is genuine or not. India being an emerging economy there is a vast need for this innovative product, some of the commodities that are key users of stamping foils are pencils, books, photographs to name a few. Stamping Foils being a highly attractive printing concept is also widely used in wedding invitation cards. Lifestyle magazines also use it on their covers to make them stand out. Shriram Solutions Veritech is a trusted manufacturer of stamping foils, since they started operations as early as 1994, when the concept of stamping foils was still at its nascent stage. Shriram Solutions Veritech is a brand to reckon with because of the supreme quality of their products and highly professional approach towards their work. The brand has been accredited by all the leading international accrediting agencies. TUV NORD a highly credible accrediting agency from Germany has accorded to them three recognitions, two ISO certification on the quality and environment front and one from OHSAS for taking care of the health and safety factors in their unit. Above all Shriram Solutions Veritech is the founder member of Hologram Manufacturers Association of India and an active member of International Holograms Manufacturers Association. Foil stamping demands great precision since lot of security issues and brand identity is at stake. Shriram Solutions Veritech has a well equipped manufacturing plant that manufactures optimum quality stamping foils. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: